Earth Mother

Save the planet

Whether you came from the stars

Or Mars

You found me here

On the earthly sphere


I was gleaning in the Sun’s bosom

Shining in all my glory

Feeding on those rays

Watering my gardens

Nursing my children


I birthed them in season

North and South both look appeasing

With the stars for the night and Sun for light and life

Men and beast existing

Perfect balance of living and let living


A breathing paradise, which was everything, anything can wish for

Yes, heaven itself is right here in my warmth

I have my secrets, some of which you will never know

And melanin is my stronghold


Why is concrete all over me?

It suffocates my children

It perishes my roots

Concrete is not vital for livelihood

Nor is money

Why have you traded your harmony with ashes

Dust of war fuels selfish intentions


I am earth.

I have always been and always will be

You cannot preserve me,

I preserve myself, and yourself

My children have adapted to the destruction

Or rather the illusion

Will they ever wake from this treason?


Take what you need and let me be

For if you take too much

You perish your own soul

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