Why I got off social media…Pt.2

MindFrom the last article, I’m sure we all admit that all these social media commitments tend to waste our time! Going through a feed, posting, liking, tweeting, commenting requires you to stop doing something and focus your time into the activity. It may not be entirely a bad thing, but with the elusive nature of social media, you find that all those random minutes do add up to quiet a chuck of your time and energy.

Your time is precious. At work, you get paid for your time, that’s why lawyers charge by the hour. When you source consultants/manual laborers, they will charge you based on the amount of time it will take them to complete the task. What you spend your time on is usually based on what your mind has agreed/decided to engage in. We all agree that if your mind is not into something it is impossible to accomplish it.

Therefore in all these platforms it is your mind that is at siege. Advertisers know this very well and understand that if they catch your attention, they can probably get a client and possible revenue out of you. Social media and entertainment in general were designed to capture your mind, subsequently utilizing your time and energy. Without the attention you give to Facebook, it cannot thrive, it is merely another static webpage with the same question: What’s on your mind? You see your mind is such a sought after commodity that people out there would create apps just to find out what you are thinking. But what is it with our mind that makes them so valuable?

Let’s start here; your mind is not your brain. Your brain is a tissue of grey matter in your skull that helps your body function; a person can lose their minds and still be alive. Therefore your mind is not in its truest form part of your physical make up but an extension your spiritual/ soul fiber. There is no physical place in your brain where your thoughts are stored, in fact we think from the inside out. You would have to have thought of something before you do it. A bridge was first conceptualized in someone’s mind before it was built, same as your house, car, dress, event you first had it in your mind and then you eventually see it physically manifesting as your possession. Our minds create and what informs our thinking determines what will materialize in our reality.

You can only have one thought in your mind at a time. You can think about many things in quick succession but not all at once, thoughts can be scattered but not overlapped. Therefore when you take time to consume all the wonderful posts from your news feed, it does give you a few things to think about doesn’t it. If you didn’t see pics of a wedding by your random primary school acquaintance on Facebook would you have made the effort otherwise to find out whether they are married and what the wedding looked like? I’ll take that as a NO. But here you are in 2016 at 23h05 thinking about them! What bearing will this have in your current or future reality? None. Imagine if you had cleared your mind and thought about that training program you were once interested in. You may have eventually gotten to think about, it I’m sure, but Suzie’s wedding has somewhat triggered a whole set of other thoughts on your own life that you would not have a necessarily thought about. Again, we do get a lot of valuable information from social media and the Internet at large, but it does come with a whole lot of rubbish as well.


Mind Feed

What we feed our minds be it through a ‘news feed’, book, conversation, movie, an app, etc. will shape our thinking. New information and experiences shifts our paradigms and directs our lives. Some are more subtle than others; we truly undermine the amount of influence our sub conscience absorbs from our daily experiences. Social media in particular re-invents our collective conciousness as a human race. We end up having these large virtual communities with their own way of life and culture. These communities would be the greatest form of existence if our time on earth were not limited. Unfortunately we all have to die and how we lived our lives determines the quality of our existence. Fortunately we all come with a special & unique contribution to this party therefore no life is a waste, but at times we never give our minds enough time to figure it out because of the clutter. One day I will elaborate the connection between our hearts, minds and purpose.

So, do we agree that the real problems in this life are not Suzie’s wedding pics, stress, money, marriage, and education? The real problems of this life are birth, disease, suffering and death. Not one person in this world is exempt from these problems and that is what should be the most important matter of concern our minds must engage in, and our time is key to that. The virtual reality is not real, and if you had read my article titled “Here and Now”, you would understand that the only moment you have life in is right now. Not 5 minutes ago or 2 days from now, those moments DO NOT exist except for this very moment. And at this very moment your life can end. So investing too much time on a reality that does not exist deprives you of what actually does.

I can take it a step further by saying that, even your NOW may not be real in a complete sense. What we see with our eyes is temporary, what we cannot see is permanent. Ever heard of an optical illusion or a matrix? We concern ourselves off the physical reality (after the virtual one) and completely ignore our true selves, which is our spiritual reality. You are a spirit being, with a body, not a body with a spirit. Your body is, just dirt. You are mainly composed of bile, blood and fat. If you don’t believe me, then check how every hole in your body is secreting something unsavory. Your ears produce dirt, saliva doesn’t smell nice, skin pores give oil and dandruff, your nose, etc. Think about it.

My intention is not to make this article too long and hypothetical; I will thus focus my next article on the spirit vs. body conversation because it’s a whole discussion on its own. I will share some references for those who are interested in the subject for them to define their own truth on it. I actually recommend even with this present article and everything you read on this site, that you should take it with a discerning mind. Test some of these concepts with your own experiences and accept only that which resonates with your soul.

In summary, social media consumes our time and penetrates our minds with some unnecessary things. You are continuously consuming people’s undiluted thoughts, which in turn influence our value systems. If you find yourself thinking about something you found in your news feed, ask if it is of any relevance to you or your aspirations. If not, then don’t waste anymore of your time, because that is the most precious asset you possess in this world. It may just be the only one in fact. Those who create these platforms know the value of your time, and so should you.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” Psalm 90vs12

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