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The way house music is evolving and the rate of quality production may render tracks older than 3 years as classics. When one really settles into collecting all the meaningful tracks for the season, new, nostalgic music gets released. I’ve got mad love for deep house music and my playlist doesn’t change rapidly, as much as I enjoy new stuff, I savour good tracks for as long as I need to.

It’s been a minute since I last did a music post, especially on house music. I must admit reggae almost took over in terms of staying current, however house has its own impact one’s soul incomparable to any other genre, especially vocal house. I’d like to share some iconic tracks over the past few years that have really hit the classic status for me. Some are relatively new, but I know 10 years from now they will still be considered among the greats such as Holis P Muroes’ “goodbye” and Nick Holder’s “summer daze”

Tarantulas feat Tiffany Loren – I wasn’t kidding (Layabouts future retro vocal mix)

“I wasn’t scared of love till I met you, I did everything that you wanted me to. Your love was demanding, you left me out here standing. I hid those tears for as long as I could, try to stop me now I wish you could. You thought you had me baby, you must be so damn crazy…My joy and pain you could not understand…I wasn’t kidding when I said I love you baby”

Very deep vocals on a magical retro beat, makes this an incomparable classic. I’ve introduced it to people who are not house fans and they got hooked. At this time we had recently discovered that everything the Layabouts touché turned to gold. This song resonates a lot with “Free” by Stephanie Mills, also a Layabouts production, it was featured on my 2nd house list (Female vocalists on House tracks)

Portia Monique – Grace (Reel People Mix)

Speaking about the Layabouts, they did a very popular collaboration with Portia Monique called “Do better” (if this is how love’s supposed to be, I don’t want it), remember that? It’s not so long ago, but still a while back. However it is “Grace” that captured the essence of quality for me. The lounged, relaxed production on the track of reminds of the “For the love of you” remix by Mo flava. Grace is mellow as such, and the vocals are also symmetric where a deeper love connection is recognized and the magical promises are made.

Jonathan Meyer feat Anna Cavazos – Can’t hold back (Main mix)

If I had to choose an absolute favorite from the list, this one would be it. It is also a feel good song since its reminisces on the falling part of love, not the “apart” side of it: “something about you loving, its got my mind running away from me, don’t think I can say to your touch the way its making me feel. I think I’m falling fast and hard again, I don’t know where it is that I begin and you end. So deep in love like you is a part of me. You’ve gone and touched the very heart of me, can’t you see…I can’t hold back this, love I’m feeling, brings me home again. Cannot believe that you found me, I don’t have to pretend”

Ok, maybe this sounds like a situationship getting out of hand…I may be wrong. Nevertheless the song does touch the very deepest part of me. Best, track I’ve spent money on this decade. This classic is way up with your Roland Clarks, London Roots, Chris Lopez (addicted)

Flight Facilities feat (Giselle) – Crave you

“Why cant you want me like the other boys do, they stare at me while I stare you. Why cant I keep you safe as my own, one moment I have you the next you’re gone. Rehearsed steps on an empty stage, that boy’s got my heart in a silver cage”

I guess we all know how tormenting a good old crush can be hey. The worst thing about it is that it blinds you off from very suitable applicants, but you want you cannot have. It’s like standing in a queue really, the person who is looking at you, cannot be seen because you eyes are focused on the person in front who is unfortunately looking at someone else. This is such a feel good track, hey and the bass is on another level. If you don’t have this track, do best, you won’t regret.

Kafele – Burning Star (Ralf gum) & Believing (with UPZ, Qness Remix)

So Kafele gets 2 tracks in one go, he also featured on my previous playlist with “Complicated”. Burning Star was one of the tracks that really got me hooked on the “Never leave you” album by Ralf Gum. I would listen to burning star for 2 weeks on end; the CD was always kept at track 2. The song wasn’t as big as “Take me to my Love” by Monique Bingham, but I truly believe that whole album was a masterpiece. Another special piece for me from that compilation is “Do it for Love” feat Jaidene Veda…magical song I tell you.

“Believing” is one of those tracks that have the magic of making you record memories. Somehow I still have vivid recollections of my life when this song hit. With Qness being a local DJ, I it gave one a sense of pride on what he’s done to an international track. SA producers do seem to lead the pack when it comes to house, guys like Bekzin Terris, Da Capo, etc. were making exceptional mixes on international tracks during this time (and still are).

Monique Bingham & Dj Pepsi– Pride

Another local DJ doing great things with a giant international vocalist. Monique did drop the biggest track in “Take me to my love” with Ralf gum not long before Pride came out, but I personally believe Pride will be memorable in the house music museum. Please don’t get me wrong “Take me to my love” was a very brilliant production and was the biggest song in the country for a while. These two songs definitely qualify as future classics, but Pride will remain on my playlist should I ever run out of space. Please give it a listen; you will know what I mean.

Nastee Nev  & Donald Sheffey– Hung up & Take me all night

“I’m so hung up on you, everyday, you’re always on my mind” Donald Sheffey is a male vocalist of note! Kafele and him are playing in the same league. The beauty about these guys is that they make the best producer and vocalist team with every release. I must admit that for the longest time believed Nastee Nev was an international artist, but little did I know that this talent is home grown. Donald’s mature voice can tell stories very well and make you feel so sophisticated. “Hung up” was extremely popular but it somehow hasn’t lost flavor. “Take me all night” on the other hand is on a league of its own; it’s up there with “Pride” in terms of priority of selection. I will do an all SA list soon, but Nasty Nev deserves to be mentioned here.

Chris Malinchak – So good to me EP

When this song came out I was a bit out of touch with new releases, but boy when I finally managed to get my hands on it, I knew it was a long-term thing. Relatively new, but definitely one for the archives indeed. Haven’t heard a lot of mixes, except for the main one, or maybe I’m not looking in the right places. This is a very beautifully infused production; it brings a sense of calm somehow.

Blaze with Josh Milan – I found love

“Love, I found love. A higher love, I still do find true love

This sing was sent to me by a dear friend this week, which spured the inspiration for this post. “I found love” is one of those deeply emotional tracks that feel genuine and real in its lyrics. Chris’ “Feel so good” is most probably inspired by this timeless classic. Josh Milan is an icononic vocalist in his own right and Blaze creates magic, so with the meeting of such greats only good things such as this are expected. Deep House at its best!

Sun Orchestra feat Karl the Voice – Love Symphony (Needs Main Mix)

“The wings of your love grow on me…. When you’re close to me, its like living in Color…. If its love let it be, just for you, just for me…”. One of the songs that made me falls in love with deep house music deeply. Probably the oldest track on this list. After Jonathan Meyer this is my next super favorite. This song easily lifts your spirit, and makes you have a new desire to seize every moment because life is just so good!

There are many more iconic classics one can mention, but I realized the majority of those are completely local and thought to reserve if for a SA future classics playlist. If you do have a moment please do take the time to give the tracks a listen, YouTube has all of them and more related songs. Music is so powerful in that it touches the core of your soul unlike any other element in this realm, that’s why it can evoke emotions and heal at times. House takes these benefits to a whole new different level. If there are tracks you feel should have absolutely been included do let me know.

Blessed thanks!

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