The art of acceptance

You need to expect anything out of life and learn to accept it as well.

I’m sure we all know by now that nothing in life is guaranteed and in fact life does tend to be unfair at times. Retrospectively we eventually understood that everything happens for a destined reason. Nothing is trivial on earth, every action, thought or word has an equal opposite reaction. It may not be felt instantly, but the wheels are immediately set in motion for that reaction.

This realization has really brought me to appreciate the power of intention. Being present and never existing in a passive state of mind. Because all the things one does whether passive or not are received by the universe as intended and therefore trigger a reaction to be later received. It does not matter whether someone made you do it or you were absent minded when it happened, what matters that you authorized it. Isn’t this how circular law works as well? Intention can be debated to extensive lengths, however, the fact remains that every thought is informed by an underlying agenda.

And for 2018 let that agenda be acceptance of things that are. Being real about life and it’s consequences. Learn to be present so you can fully participate in the happenings of your life because honestly it’s not guaranteed that you will have another opportunity to live out that moment exactly as it has happened again. And you will be held accountable for them, one way or the other.

What is your worst fear? Prepare for that as soon as you possibly can. The underlying agenda in this preparation is the art of expecting anything out of life and empowering yourself to accept it. Once you prepare it means you give life room to “happen” and you are not thrown over when it does. It is an element of being present in acknowledging that we live on earth and things change and our time is limited. With this quality entrenched in our souls we are able to live with intention and cherish all given moments.

It’s more like taking funeral cover, it’s an acceptance that death is part of life. Another is that of accepting the Lord Jesus into your heart is the acknowledgment that we are not flesh but spirit that has the desire for eternity. Honesty is truly the best policy and once we live in the presence and acceptance of our daily reality we are able to seize the opportunity of every moment and find healing quicker through the testing grounds.

I have not made any resolutions yet for the coming year, but I do have ongoing practices that i want to continue practicing rigorously in a daily basis. In as much as self renewal is key, consistency is paramount. We are creatures of habits afterall.

Happy new year!

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