About Innerheights

Innerheights speaks to the depths within each one of us. Our uniqueness.

We are all born with immense greatness inside of us and sadly most of us never even realize it. We walk through life with falsified identities, believing that we are less than we are. All the wisdom you seek is already within you, tap into it and find out where your greatness lies. We all have something to offer the world.

I believe strongly in the power of positive thinking. Never build walls of destruction around your destiny. Always think and believe that you are the best and everything you dream of will become a reality. Positive thinking will take your understanding of faith to a whole different level.

Oh yes and I believe in the power of the Almighty. Without Him, you can never know who you are. He is the potter and you are the clay, allow Him to work His magic on you (or you can to choose to be dried up clay with no shape-up to you). But if you allow Him to be your potter, you must TRUST Him. With everything!

By the way, to realize the Innerheights within, you must believe in a God you know personally, not who you have heard of. He’s all about relationship and love, because He cares personally about. Yes you 🙂

Seek Jah first and everything will c0me after.


Noluthando Khanyile