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The art of acceptance

You need to expect anything out of life and learn to accept it as well.

I’m sure we all know by now that nothing in life is guaranteed and in fact life does tend to be unfair at times. Retrospectively we eventually understood that everything happens for a destined reason. Nothing is trivial on earth, every action, thought or word has an equal opposite reaction. It may not be felt instantly, but the wheels are immediately set in motion for that reaction.

This realization has really brought me to appreciate the power of intention. Being present and never existing in a passive state of mind. Because all the things one does whether passive or not are received by the universe as intended and therefore trigger a reaction to be later received. It does not matter whether someone made you do it or you were absent minded when it happened, what matters that you authorized it. Isn’t this how circular law works as well? Intention can be debated to extensive lengths, however, the fact remains that every thought is informed by an underlying agenda.

And for 2018 let that agenda be acceptance of things that are. Being real about life and it’s consequences. Learn to be present so you can fully participate in the happenings of your life because honestly it’s not guaranteed that you will have another opportunity to live out that moment exactly as it has happened again. And you will be held accountable for them, one way or the other.

What is your worst fear? Prepare for that as soon as you possibly can. The underlying agenda in this preparation is the art of expecting anything out of life and empowering yourself to accept it. Once you prepare it means you give life room to “happen” and you are not thrown over when it does. It is an element of being present in acknowledging that we live on earth and things change and our time is limited. With this quality entrenched in our souls we are able to live with intention and cherish all given moments.

It’s more like taking funeral cover, it’s an acceptance that death is part of life. Another is that of accepting the Lord Jesus into your heart is the acknowledgment that we are not flesh but spirit that has the desire for eternity. Honesty is truly the best policy and once we live in the presence and acceptance of our daily reality we are able to seize the opportunity of every moment and find healing quicker through the testing grounds.

I have not made any resolutions yet for the coming year, but I do have ongoing practices that i want to continue practicing rigorously in a daily basis. In as much as self renewal is key, consistency is paramount. We are creatures of habits afterall.

Happy new year!

Nature and Us

You remember that you are connected to all living things… you feel you belong to the earth… that you are a part of the community of nature… you are made of the same substance and that you are no better… or worse… than that bird you see… that tree… or the other hiker walking up the trail with you…

Earth, rivers, mountains, trees, silent canyons, babbling creeks… if you spend time in nature you have probably noticed you feel happier and more peaceful… Why? One of the better known theories as far as I can google is “biophilia hypothesis” suggesting that we love nature because we evolved from natute… we need it for our […]

via Why hiking brings joy… — #bergloper

Why I got off social media…Pt.2

MindFrom the last article, I’m sure we all admit that all these social media commitments tend to waste our time! Going through a feed, posting, liking, tweeting, commenting requires you to stop doing something and focus your time into the activity. It may not be entirely a bad thing, but with the elusive nature of social media, you find that all those random minutes do add up to quiet a chuck of your time and energy.

Your time is precious. At work, you get paid for your time, that’s why lawyers charge by the hour. When you source consultants/manual laborers, they will charge you based on the amount of time it will take them to complete the task. What you spend your time on is usually based on what your mind has agreed/decided to engage in. We all agree that if your mind is not into something it is impossible to accomplish it.

Therefore in all these platforms it is your mind that is at siege. Advertisers know this very well and understand that if they catch your attention, they can probably get a client and possible revenue out of you. Social media and entertainment in general were designed to capture your mind, subsequently utilizing your time and energy. Without the attention you give to Facebook, it cannot thrive, it is merely another static webpage with the same question: What’s on your mind? You see your mind is such a sought after commodity that people out there would create apps just to find out what you are thinking. But what is it with our mind that makes them so valuable?

Let’s start here; your mind is not your brain. Your brain is a tissue of grey matter in your skull that helps your body function; a person can lose their minds and still be alive. Therefore your mind is not in its truest form part of your physical make up but an extension your spiritual/ soul fiber. There is no physical place in your brain where your thoughts are stored, in fact we think from the inside out. You would have to have thought of something before you do it. A bridge was first conceptualized in someone’s mind before it was built, same as your house, car, dress, event you first had it in your mind and then you eventually see it physically manifesting as your possession. Our minds create and what informs our thinking determines what will materialize in our reality.

You can only have one thought in your mind at a time. You can think about many things in quick succession but not all at once, thoughts can be scattered but not overlapped. Therefore when you take time to consume all the wonderful posts from your news feed, it does give you a few things to think about doesn’t it. If you didn’t see pics of a wedding by your random primary school acquaintance on Facebook would you have made the effort otherwise to find out whether they are married and what the wedding looked like? I’ll take that as a NO. But here you are in 2016 at 23h05 thinking about them! What bearing will this have in your current or future reality? None. Imagine if you had cleared your mind and thought about that training program you were once interested in. You may have eventually gotten to think about, it I’m sure, but Suzie’s wedding has somewhat triggered a whole set of other thoughts on your own life that you would not have a necessarily thought about. Again, we do get a lot of valuable information from social media and the Internet at large, but it does come with a whole lot of rubbish as well.


Mind Feed

What we feed our minds be it through a ‘news feed’, book, conversation, movie, an app, etc. will shape our thinking. New information and experiences shifts our paradigms and directs our lives. Some are more subtle than others; we truly undermine the amount of influence our sub conscience absorbs from our daily experiences. Social media in particular re-invents our collective conciousness as a human race. We end up having these large virtual communities with their own way of life and culture. These communities would be the greatest form of existence if our time on earth were not limited. Unfortunately we all have to die and how we lived our lives determines the quality of our existence. Fortunately we all come with a special & unique contribution to this party therefore no life is a waste, but at times we never give our minds enough time to figure it out because of the clutter. One day I will elaborate the connection between our hearts, minds and purpose.

So, do we agree that the real problems in this life are not Suzie’s wedding pics, stress, money, marriage, and education? The real problems of this life are birth, disease, suffering and death. Not one person in this world is exempt from these problems and that is what should be the most important matter of concern our minds must engage in, and our time is key to that. The virtual reality is not real, and if you had read my article titled “Here and Now”, you would understand that the only moment you have life in is right now. Not 5 minutes ago or 2 days from now, those moments DO NOT exist except for this very moment. And at this very moment your life can end. So investing too much time on a reality that does not exist deprives you of what actually does.

I can take it a step further by saying that, even your NOW may not be real in a complete sense. What we see with our eyes is temporary, what we cannot see is permanent. Ever heard of an optical illusion or a matrix? We concern ourselves off the physical reality (after the virtual one) and completely ignore our true selves, which is our spiritual reality. You are a spirit being, with a body, not a body with a spirit. Your body is, just dirt. You are mainly composed of bile, blood and fat. If you don’t believe me, then check how every hole in your body is secreting something unsavory. Your ears produce dirt, saliva doesn’t smell nice, skin pores give oil and dandruff, your nose, etc. Think about it.

My intention is not to make this article too long and hypothetical; I will thus focus my next article on the spirit vs. body conversation because it’s a whole discussion on its own. I will share some references for those who are interested in the subject for them to define their own truth on it. I actually recommend even with this present article and everything you read on this site, that you should take it with a discerning mind. Test some of these concepts with your own experiences and accept only that which resonates with your soul.

In summary, social media consumes our time and penetrates our minds with some unnecessary things. You are continuously consuming people’s undiluted thoughts, which in turn influence our value systems. If you find yourself thinking about something you found in your news feed, ask if it is of any relevance to you or your aspirations. If not, then don’t waste anymore of your time, because that is the most precious asset you possess in this world. It may just be the only one in fact. Those who create these platforms know the value of your time, and so should you.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” Psalm 90vs12

Why I got off Social Media…Pt 1

  1. I’m not a public relations officer.
  2. Data is expensive.

I can actually end the article here.

I’m not one to enquire about the Wi-Fi password at every establishment I walk into, unless I’m travelling or need to upgrade my software. So being active on 4 plus social media sites did require a lot of fuel. I say fuel because being without data these days is so catastrophic one would rather go hungry.

Ok so the more serious reasons why I de-activated my accounts from major social networks are of a personal nature. The biggest; was my flaw in being a procrastinator! I will postpone doing something important for as long as I possibly can especially if it doesn’t inspire me. Unfortunately there are many mandatory things one has to do and I will use my Facebook/instagram as a much-needed distraction as they are clearly far more interesting than anything one has to do. Naturally, my turnaround times were much longer and I would sing regrets over lost time.

Secondly, social media made me feel discontent about my life. It’s true. When I’m going through a dry season or hardship, scrolling through my news feed made me feel even worse. Everyone out there seems to be having the time of their lives and everything is going well for them except for poor miserable me! What I would fail to realize is that on social media people post only the good stuff about their lives, to keep building up their personal brand. People post sad stuff more often than not to get sympathy from the rest of the audience. Even the ones who do post adverse news genuinely annoy everyone else coz frankly aint no nobody go time for that.

So you end up feeling like you are retrogressive when in actual fact you are measuring yourself against an unrealistic hype people are creating about themselves. I’m note sure if its for self validation or nursing egos. So please don’t feel left out; everyone is trying to put their best foot forward. I once asked a guy friend of mine why they were so obsessed with social media and he looked at me dumb founded, like; “duh – how else was he supposed to know how well he was doing against his peers?”

In addition, social media creates a false sense of closeness with your ‘real’ friends, not the virtual ones you have never met or ever will meet. One no longer sees the need to set aside a Sunday afternoon to check up on old friend, because frankly you are up to date with everything that has been happening in their lives, or you have some sort of idea. I mean they posted a picture smiling the other day; they must surely be over their illness/heart break. Even if our friends are not frequent posters seeing them liking a status or commenting somewhere indicates to us that they are okay. And unfortunately there is great benefit in physical interaction with people as we get to share in their energy and learn a lot about and from them just by being around them. You may be the loneliest person on earth, but as long as you have your 1023 online friends and a minimum of 10 likes on every post, you’re okay.

The virtual reality becomes so addictive that even when you are blessed with the presence of the living beings around you, you cannot wait to have a moment to yourself with your phone to check your notifications and refresh your feed. You have one new like on a status you posted in the morning and yet you feel the need to go into the app and check how the new like fits into you status. You end up reading your status 16 times in one day and pat yourself on the back for jotting down something so relevant and popular. Ok, maybe not everyone has experienced this; I should probably speak for myself. I eventually got tired of clapping for myself at every feedback I got or a compromised validation if I don’t get it. So I created a rule: Every App that requires me to baby sit my phone would be deleted.


This was my biggest time waster, and it was my first app to go. One does get exposed to a lot of interesting subject matters; reconnect with old friends and helps spread the word to whatever buy in one wanted. But the problem came with the Candy crush invites, Check who is viewing your profile, and undesired tags in pictures one is not even in. I see now they even have a friendship anniversary thingy to commemorate how many interactions, likes, statuses etc. you have shared with a friend you haven’t even seen for the past 5 years, and yet you share so much! So those little nuances turned me off a bit, then through my random conspiracy research I discovered that Facebook is used for personal profiling and that information is made available to security agencies and marketing companies. Your tags check INS, page likes, login activity and in boxing are putting you in particular segment of society and you are literally being watched. Having no privacy for me was a bit unsettling, as I believe there is a desired order out of all the chaos.

What switched me off again on Facebook was that every single morning I could not get out of bed without scrolling through my feed. And as expected I would find gems of information and end up reading a whole article on how a woman became friends with a lion and married it. It also helped me waste my precious time stalking people who have no interest in me. As human beings we get fascinated with people who don’t like us and we make an effort to follow up on what makes them think they are better enough to not be interested in who we are. So some days I would find myself going through a 6 year old picture of my ex’s girlfriends sister just to try and link up a connection to whatever justification I was trying to convince myself off. It basically got me to lose my self-control and I eventually got rid of it. I wont even start to mention how it saved me from the insecurity that my foes and frenemies somehow had sight of what was happening in my life OR people checking in at KFC, bed, home, work, literally everywhere…wasting my data, mxxim!


Oh I loved this platform and I must admit that I actually deleted in by mistake. I was de-activating my profile for a few days and when I tried to log in it rejected me. I was sore for about a week and then quickly realized that it was a blessing in disguise coz I didn’t have data stress that week. The problem with instagram is that people post only the best shot of their best moments. At least on Facebook one could pick up on how empty some people’s approach to life was, but on instagram there was basically no room for error. I have seen people chilling on the couch posting beach champaigne pictures from last years holiday. Talk about marketing on the layer of the PR practice! This unfortunately puts us under unnecessary pressure to keep up a certain lifestyle or persona we’ve created about ourselves. And the one shortfall was that scrolling through the news feed would sometimes bore me and I now had specific peoples profiles that I was interested in. So every time I log in I would go and directly type in their names to check if they have posted anything new while I was away, scrolling through the picture feed will take so long and chow so much data. Eventually everyone else becomes just an extra against your chosen people, they could be friends, and friends of friends, crushes, celebs, relatives, etc. but ultimately these people officially make you a fan. Yes they don’t to be famous for you to obsess over them.

Another instagram frustration was those people who have profiles, but never post and keep liking your stuff. Those that have many followers but follow no one. I could go on. But there are some very fascinating pages that can teach one a lot and give beneficial insight


It’s super addictive coz It’s just so damn nice! I’ve had some serious withdrawal symptoms I must admit. Watching a TV show and following the hash tag enhances the experience so much more! Twitter is also very informative and requires less scrolling power. The most valid affirmations on this platform are retweets and quotations, favorites are the cherry on top and a following is first prize. At first I struggled to get followers until I figured that one thought a week wont cut it, I needed to throw in as much bait in there, eventually someone might catch something. You can laugh for days there, and become an activist overnight; I swear if government elections were run on twitter they would be most effective. If there is a social ill that one feels strongly about they will just participate in the hash tag and if they are lucky enough it might make it to the news! Oh and companies preserve their brands by responding to complaints, its really just PR not the power of your tweet.


Is the only platform I’m still active in purely because I can see the value it adds to my life because I once got a very lucrative employment offer through the platform. The news feed is normally on professional and educational matters versus personal rants. There are a few show offs here and there but for now the benefit outweigh the inconvenience. One also filter the stuff they want to see and what current job opportunities on offer. I don’t spend much time on the platform frankly because its not exactly entertaining and it’s the one place where I am intentionally building and maintain my brand. Knowing me, maybe in the future I might find a reason to disregard it, but for now it stays.

Wats app

Hmmm, this one is still in the court of appeal. It is rather a cheaper form of communication and effective when used well. But we all know the procrastinator in me wants to scroll through peoples profile pictures and statuses when faced with boredom or a daunting task.

Viber, we-chat, etc.

I haven’t tried them and have no interest in creating a new obligation to my already limited time span.

In closing…

Social media does have its positive sides no doubt and I’m in no way judging those who are active on the above platforms or more. It does make life easier and expands the access to knowledge and makes life more enjoyable I guess. But I believe each person approach anything in a manner that works best for them. I do miss the fact that I was able to reach far more people with my inspirational posts, but in the same breath my shortcomings enslaved me to use of the platforms. So for now this website will have to for reach.

I believe in life we all find what we actively look for. I was fortunate enough to discover a subject matter that was of the outmost importance to my life on instagram and since then I have been collecting literature and sites that broaden my knowledge on the science.

This was just part one of why I am discarding social media, a Part 2 will follow soon, hopefully it will put a few more things into perspective especially to those who may perceive my approach as antisocial behavior.

Vocal House

There is no greater feeling more than giving credit (where its due) and it gets acknowledged. It’s ike giving a compliment and the person actually thanks you for it. Now I understand why people liked being retweeted so much.
Music is one of the greatest forms of expressing creativity and those that excel in their craft need to be acknowledged which is why time and again I would write on some of the best music I have listened to. “Vocal House” was my very first music blog post, where my all time favourite house tracks were featured. Now the next step is to have these track in a mix, so those who don’t understand the music get a feel of what we’re talking about. (On it!)
It was such an honor that Hollis P Monroe acknowledged his “appreciation” from Innerheights by commenting on the post. I am grateful that he has realised how much his work is appreciated this side of the world. May it encourage him to keep on doing what he does because he does it so well.
There can only be one “Goodbye” house song.
Blessed thanks!

#00 Friendship series: An Introduction

As we grow older, we change and our friends change. We get to learn a lot about ourselves and about other people. We learn that in most instances people are always out for their best interests and sometimes those you love will not love you back.

There are a very few people I can safely call friends, but there are many others that I would like to consider as such, but they often fall short (or I fall short) based on how we relate with each other.

In life you will come across ungrateful people, those that never get pleased with your efforts, pretentious people, those that only befriend you when it’s convenient for them, those that just tolerate you, etc

But I have since learnt that: If you’re not sure where you stand with someone, maybe it’s time to stop standing and start walking.

For the next few months I will be doing a Relationship series,  that will reflect on all the different kinds of “friendships” we come across. I will use the term “friendship” very loose to accommodate all the type of people we relate wit in our daily lives. In any case even the best of friendships have to start in a state where you are just “people that know each other”.

First, I start with ungrateful people…..

What is Wholesome Womanhood? Part 1

Understanding Women: Lessons in Life and Love by Female Vocal Artists through House music

Female Vocal music…

Facebook Frustrations #2

When I first started blogging I did a post on facebook frustrations and I promised to do a part 2 at some stage. We love face book and most of what it has to offer, but there are those little annoyances we come across. Some are software related and some are just common sense not being so common.

1. Most annoying thing on face book right now, is this “see how many people view your profile spam”. People this thing doesn’t work, stop clicking on it because it will send itself to random contacts. I cannot recall how many times I’ve deleted that stuff from my wall. If you don’t want people to view your profile; hide your wall. If you don’t want certain people to view it; block them. But stop wasting time snooping on who views your profile or who doesn’t; you also don’t want the people you stalk to find you out. So why are you trying to expose others? In any case the link doesn’t work *tongue out*

2. Now, can someone help me understand why people put their bbm pins as their status? Maybe I’m being stuck up. I thought bbm was a bit more personal than facebook, why do you want everyone in it? Do you have that much time to chat to the same people on facebook and on bbm? Then why not throw in your phone number while you at it. Please people, your bbm contact list will grow over time, don’t rush. Speed kills.

3. Another absolutely frustrating thing on fb is seeing those Daily Horoscopes, Fortune ccokies, Picture of the day, etc, updates. Now all you see on your TL in the morning are these daily impersonal updates. People don’t just go around clicking every single thing that pops on your wall, if you want to win something go play the lotto or something.

4. We thank God for the ability of checking in at whatever place we are so people can know we are going places, lol. However I don’t understand a person who lives in Roodepoort and checks in at Roodepoort KFC. For the what? Who are you informing that they should find you there? I’m not trying to be funny here, but some of the check ins I see are so random that I question the reasoning behind them. Or someone checks in at home or in bed, really?

5. Other annoyances include very long status updates, where you get an option to “continue reading”. I don’t have time to spend 10 mins on your status, while there’s 400 others to look at. If you have jokes to share, send an email. Twitter retweets and what nots, belong on twitter. There’s nothing more boring than someone updating a long thread of a twitter conversation on facebook. I just don’t see the point.

6. Last but no least: Meaningless birthday messages! I know face books reminded you that it’s someone’s birthday today. You don’t have an obligation to write on their wall. If you are not that tight, please don’t post “HBD” on their wall because you HAVE to. Trust me their day will be just as pleasant even if you didn’t write your 3 letters on their wall. A birthday wish has to mean something, and to be honest it actually dampens one’s spirit to receive an insincere birthday message. Can we please be kind to each other people, asseblief. It’s my birthday on Friday, if I receive an “HBD” on my wall, I shall delete it. No hard feelings.

7. Oh, one last frustration: Ladies, revealing pictures deserve a thumbs down. Not only on face book, but on all social networks. Love yourselves maan.

8. Facebook should have a DISLIKE button, pleeeeease! With some of the nonsense people post you just wish you had the liberty to discourage it.
I know, we might agree on some of the points I raised above and disagree on others. Regardless everything has it’s pro’s and con’s, just like no one is perfect. Other social networks are rising up and face book might become obsolete at some point, so it’s better to voice your frustustrations while they’re still relevant. Just like I did.
So, what are your facebook frustrations?

Facebook Frastruations#1

Blame everyone, but the Police: Marikana

Our nation mourns the tragic loss of lives of 34 miners who were shot by police at the Lonmin Marikana mine in Rustenburg last week. The whole nation is in shock and the affected families are going through unbearable grief through the loss of their bread winners /fathers/husbands brothers and sons.  In a time like this, playing the blame game will not help bring back the lives lost. However someone has to take accountability for this situation. If there is anyone to blame, let it not be the police.

Yes, I blame everyone, but the police.

I believe that if the police didn’t use guns they would be the dead ones. Please follow this link to see that the protesters actually fired live ammunition first-

The reports fail to highlight that the death toll from Marikana is actually 44 and not the 34 that were “massacred” last Thursday. 10 people had been killed in the mine since the strike started including 2 police officers who were hacked to death.

“Ten people have been reported dead since the strike began on Friday. Earlier, officials from the platinum mine announced that the body of a man was found on the premises. He had been shot dead. Another man died in hospital on Sunday after being hacked with a panga as he left the mine after the evening shift. On Saturday, two security guards were killed when the car they were travelling in was set alight. Scores of other people have been injured in the violent unrest in the last four days. Police also reported that eight vehicles were torched on the mine property on Sunday” – Mail and Guardian

Besides the strike being illegal, it was also very violent. It is a valid concern that the miners should be treated with dignity by their employers and they have the right to voice their concerns. However I fail to understand how they were hoping to achieve that with violence. These miners brought spears, knives, and now as we can see in the video, guns to a protest. They intended for this to be a violent protest, but who are they fighting against really?

This leads me to my first and biggest culprits: The unions!  I personally blame every single death on the unions. Below is an extract from a news report a few days after the protest action began:

“The majority of those killed are understood to have been involved in an illegal strike at the mine after rock drillers affiliated to the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) demanded their monthly salary of R4 000 be increased to R12 500. Relations between striking workers and the NUM have severely broken down, with most workers saying they were fed up with years of broken promises. While the violent strike has been blamed on clashes between NUM and Amcu, the striking workers said they were a united force currently with no allegiances to a particular union. Amcu, however, has been recruiting aggressively at the plant but was currently below the threshold necessary to enter the two bargaining units at the mine.” Source- Mail & Guardian online.

Clearly NUM and AMCU were pushing their own agendas and encouraging the miners to fight against each other. Who hosts a strike such illegally in this day and age? (except for service delivery protesters) As unions they should know the protocol they are supposed to operate within. Apparently there was even a sangoma to strengthen the fighters against the police. Who paid for the Sangoma? because the last time I checked they don’t offer their services for free.

The mine workers are vulnerable and they knew they deserve better, but are unsure how to get it. And that points me to the second culprits: Lonmin

It is beyond me how the mining company left it to the police to resolve this matter. The SAPS is not trained to solve labor disputes on their behalf. A few days after the massacre Lonmin gave the workers an ultimatum to go back to work or lose their jobs. Besides being unsympathetic, couldn’t they issue that ultimatum after the first death at the mine? Secondly if workers were being rewarded fairly we wouldn’t be in this position in the first place. The living conditions the miners are subjected to are degrading to say the least. With the amount of profits the mine makes, it fails to even invest in the community they are based in. Please see this article:

The income disparities between the executives and the workers is saddening. SA has the highest Gini co-efficient in the world. Which means the gap between the richest person and the poorest person is as wide as it can ever be. And for that I blame the apartheid government. I blame them for leaving a legacy of poverty and inequality. Now our people want to share in the wealth of their land which they extract with their bare hands, but they cannot because all of that belongs to PLC.

I also blame politicians who shout unwarranted commands to nationalize the mines so people can get their fair share of the wealth. Uh, err, I guess it’s too late for that because the mine owners have legal rights to the property and they function within an economic system. I don’t believe nationalization is the answers to all of our woes and definitely do not encourage it. But when you take that concept and feed it to a worked out, under paid laborer, you instill a sense of entitlement and they feel robbed. Then they will be willing to fight for :what is theirs”

Another party to blame would be the government themselves. They all knew how tense the situation was in Marikana and no one thought to bring the army to handle the situation. Giving the unions too much power and only paying attention when 34 lives are added to the 10 already lost. Oh, also for sucking up to big corporates by charging them a constant tax  rate compared to us and also making friends with the Chinese. Ok I better stop now before I blame them for everything. Oh, I also blame them for Juju.

By the way, Julius Malema went to the police station with the surviving miners to open a case of murder against the police. Apparently he went into the charge office with 7 of the miners who will be witnesses to the investigations. This is a day after the President appointed a judicial enquiry to the incident and after several police officers at the Marikana police station adviced him that police cannot investigate themselves. Smh, I blame the Gov for people like him.

The police did not do a sterling job by killing 34 people and I’m in no way commending them. But we need to remember that they are people who have families and have to keep a job like all of us. 1 cop dead is 1 too many, if you fire a gun at the police you should be smart enough to know they are going to shoot back. Please dont compare this with Sharpville or June 16 massacres, the protesters did not fire live amunition.

I’m still hesitant  to blame the mine workers. Yes they have to take responsibility for their violence, but no one deserves to die for a wage hike. In all my life I have never seen wages increase by 300%. Unscrupulous people took advantage of our brothers working in the mine. Who were dissastified with their sad reality and were hungry for better. Unions made promises they cannot keep and they encouraged workers to fight for their rights, the only way they knew how. And they even offered them protection to make them invisible and immune to bullets.

It is deeply saddening that a wage protest has ended with such sorrow. 2 weeks ago they were hyping each other up to stand up and fight for their rights. Today some are in prison, some in hospital and others in a mortuary.

May all who lost their lives rest in peace and condolences to all who have lost their loved ones. Let us continue to pray for our nation. This tragedy brought so much grief over my spirit that I even wept. Something’s gotta give, ngempela.

Koze kulunge nini Ma Afrika. Who do you blame?

It’s complicated…

Never despise your weaknesses because they keep you dependent on God. Let Him take control and all will be well with your Soul 🙂

Time to G.R.OW

I have always wondered how Christians are able to live a life of “strictness”. I mean these people don’t drink, smoke, party a lot, they are so in the strict and narrow and yet they say when you are in Christ you are free? Really? Well the “wondering” changed when the Lord made me understand why certain things are detrimental to my growth and why I should forgo them. And the funny thing is, after those things are shed off, I felt free.

The most important thing I would like to advice is that you should never attempt to change a single thing in your life before you come to Christ. Yes, come as you are, He will do all the work, you just need to allow Him. If you get saved and you’re a party freak/alcoholic/thief/gossip, etc, by all means do not stop on anyone’s account. Just keep on going to church after those wild parties, Christ definitely won’t judge you. You see as you grow in knowing him, you also growing in knowing who you are (in Him). So He transforms you from the inside out. Maybe your actions are off your free will but your sprit is being transformed and your mind renewed. So when you eventually discover the truth about your lifestyle, it will be easier to change it because of who you are on the inside.

In this transformation process, we all need to remember that we are each running our own race. So let’s say for instance you have a revelation about alcohol in your life and you decide to stop drinking. Yes it is wise to share that truth with other believers, but don’t impose you standard on them. God is working in them differently and He is rooting out other things that are crucial for that person’s growth at that time. Remember, you are always running in first place, until you decide to run a race that is not yours.

As you grow in knowing the Lord and His ways, you will come across stumbling blocks and you fall short of His standard. Where you really wanted to stop doing something, but you find yourself doing it again. Don’t worry, you are not perfect and Christ knows that and as long as you desire to follow him, He will make sure you conquer those battles. His grace is sufficient for all of our mistakes, but be careful, that you do not live habitually in sin because you know there’s grace. God cannot be fooled and you will reap the rewards of that attitude.Image

Speaking about rewards; everything you invest your time and energy in, it will bear fruits. If you spend all your time infront of the tv, things will not get done. If you spend most of it drinking, you will get broke, loose friends, your health will deteriorate, etc. If you invest all your time at work, you will get more money. Likewise, if you invest your time in word of the Lord and seeking His face you will see the fruits thereof. Those are inside out. You don’t only get transformed, your environment also gets changed and you for some reason look your good! Everything you touch, will be blessed. Your time is your most valuable asset and you invest it the things close to your heart. Where your heart is, so is your treasure is.

Ultimately we can make all the right choices, but our Will power can only get us so far. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to carry us through. We are natural beings with a supernatural helper. For us to have the helper we need to accept Christ and be under His Lordship. You see when you live a surrendered life, you give every single area of your life for Christ to work on. Yes He is interested in every little thing that concerns you, even what to wear to that event on the weekend; He wants to help even in that!

In order for Christ to be Lord in our lives, for Him to be enthroned in the center of them, we need to vacate that throne. Surrendering control of our lives to Christ is the first step to living a Christ centered life. This involves thinking more about Him than ourselves. It means leaving self condemnation, self exaltation, self-determination and self preservation behind and embracing His work His work on the cross, seeking to glorify Him with or lives, allowing Him to lead us and trusting Him to provide for us and protect us. Accepting the Lordship of Christ is not simply about believing, it’s about acting on that belief. This means putting into practice what the bible says is righteous and walk free from what is sin. It also means that we follow His leading through the Holy Spirit. We can’t do this alone, in our own strength, but God’s grace is freely available to help us. For he who the Son sets free is free indeed.

So take it one step at a time. The Holy Spirit will convict you of what is right and wrong, the word will also guide you. Strive to know Christ personally, so you work through the issues in your life with Him, one by one. He knows you by name, and cares for you. He doesn’t want to cramp your style, but to give you life in it’s fullness and best kind of freedom. Beyond what you can ever imagine. Those disciplined Christians all started where you are today. They were intentional about their walk in Christ and He has pruned them to His pleasure.

“For you did not receive a Spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry Abba Father. The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God” Romans 8 vs 15-16

A Love Letter to 1976

If someone was to write a letter, to the youth today what would they say? We are facing a different struggle to that of 1976. We have AIDS, unemployment, moral decay, alcoholism, etc to fight against. Are we really doing enough as young people to take charge of the situation or we are all too concerned about our business. As a young professional, is there some knowledge/wisdom are you imparting to the young people where you come from?  Are the National youth structures engaged in dealing with the problems faced by young people or are they just consumed in politics so much that they forget the very people they should be representing.Image


The 1976 generation resembled the Hebrews

Ready to cross the Red Sea

But Political insanity was their greatest enemy

Towards spreading their black power revolution across the continent

As a present generation, your greatest enemy is the spiritual poverty within us

Yes, as Africans we have not achieved half of what we fought for

So when we do not honor the generations before us

Not only have be blocked the positive aspirations but also the direction of the upcoming generations

The 1976 generation was born from the strongest black seed

Dedicated to true revolution with an afro-consciousness mindset

Your struggle and bravery was an epitome of African redemption


To the youth of 1976; your determination was an endless stream of tears

That flows into a gulf of inspiration that compels us to learn, live and grow

To the youth of 1976; your African dream was parallel to Nkwame Kruma independence & liberation ideologies

To the youth of 1976; your struggle was a carbon copy of Marcus Garvey & Robet Sobukwe’s Black Nationalism

To the youth of 1976; Africa gave birth to the first sober conscious, mindful generations

In solidarity they spoke the dreams of our forefathers, who never saw the light of freedom

Their spirits enveloped, shackled in pains of abject poverty

The sober generation of 1976 was a perfect manifestation of the ancient prophecy foretold by Timbuktu intellectuals

Through their blood, history of mankind was painted by black progress

The youth of 1976 were absolute perfect agents of change, manifesting to that dream and prophecy

Pioneers, revolutionaries, millionaires armed with stones and petrol bombs

Through their bravery, they out an end to the wayward sporadic Antu Education and produced freedom


To the youth of 1976;

Nothing much has changed; people are still living under sub human conditions

I salute those who lost their lives for true democratic liberation

Despite the complete elimination and gross destruction of separate development

As Africans we have been enslaved by our black government

Who sold our country to neoliberal policy with a legacy of gross inequality?

To the youth of 1976;

You should know that Andries Tatane was killed by the gangster police force

For exercising his democratic right to quality service delivery and freedom

Yes as Africans we have not achieved half of what we fought for

To the youth of 1976: I love you

Written by Eddie Mkhatshwa


I really believe that June 16 has lost its essence, especially young people who view it as just another public holiday to have jol in your school uniform. Institutions don’t make thing any easier; where their best way to commemorate the day is to have events at the stadiums and give out free t-shirts and food to the young person, that’s it! Our young people need more than that; we need jobs, education, exposure, moral regeneration.  If those 1976 kids could see what they died for, it would be really say. I’m not painting doom and gloom here, but we are not as conscious to our social issues as we should be. We need to be the change we want to see in the world, no one can change our world for us, but our selves. Other kids died for equal opportunity, now that those opportunities are here (as few and far between as they are), we are not fully taking charge of them. Neither are we facing our challenges with courage.

Let’s keep the spirit alive by making a positive change this year. Please join Innerheights by supporting the Alcohol Free youth day campaign. You can go to their blog (below) and also follow them on twitter @AFYDjune16. On facebook the page is This campaign provides some interesting stats on how alcohol is being abused and how it affects young people.

How will you celebrate this holiday?

Dear South Africa

Sooooo Annoying

I’m sure all of us have a few things that annoy the living day light out of us. Not that you’re in a bad mood or anything, it’s just that you would rather not experience that act. It’s so funny that we are usually annoyed by things we cannot change, we are just victims, lol. When annoyed by something, just laugh about it, walk away and forget it ever happened. Little things should never steal your joy.  They make life as dynamic as it should be. Here are a few things that really annoy me, I hope you can relate with some of them.

  1. When you’re rushing to the coffee shop to buy coffee before you start work and there in front of you is a person buying coffee for their whole team. I mean really? 8 cups of coffee, all at once? At that moment you wish you can negotiate that they make your 1 cup of coffee and then they deal with his/her bulk order. But you can’t, you just have to wait. Cant people can’t come buy their own coffee? So annoying!
  2. You go to the movies, you get there nice and early and you have comfortably chosen your spot. You are digging into your pop corn and you’re slowly watching other people walk in and fill the place up. Just as the movie is about to start; the tallest person of all time decides to come sit in front of you. Eish, Girrafe man himself decides to show up, almost all the seats are full, the movie has just started and you were so comfortable in your seat. Moving will just be too much effort, you just have to sit and enjoy the added view in front of you. *Smh*
  3. Another thing that really annoys me to the n’th degree is a DJ who sings along to the song on radio. Are you serious dude? Please shut up and let the song play, we hear enough of your voice when you’re running competitions and talking about other’s people’s business. Leave the music alone; microphones are switched off for a reason. I promise you I have heard Glen Lewis do it, just as the song is about to end, he jumps in and hums along. Nigga please give us a break. This goes for all other Dj’s that do it. It really is so annoying, you don’t understand!
  4. Speaking of radio, there is no DJ that annoys me as T-Bo Touch (excuse the spelling). They way he speaks, the things he talks about and how he does things is absolutely annoying. I am still to meet a person who is impressed by that guy, it baffles me how Metro fm gave him a second term on that afternoon drive show. That American accent and name dropping (“I was with my man Akon in NYC”) is enough to make me boycott that radio station. Ok I can give them credit for the evening talk shows and deep house shows on the weekend. Mara Tboz yena wabhora, ubhora hooray!
  5. Another annoying item is ill disciplined kids, argh! I love children, don’t get me wrong, and I trust they love me too. I see them as little angels who only act out as they are taught. So I come to your house for a visit and your 6 year old is all over me, my cellphone, busy touching our food and changing the channels while we are talking. That is not AYOBA. In fact it is super annoying. What annoys me more is when the parent does not call their child to order. Now this kid is busy slapping my thighs and pulling my ears and you as a parent see nothing wrong. This topic should really be an article on its own. But parents make sure your kids are not a nuisance, it doesn’t matter if it’s at home or outside. It annoys the hell out of people who teach their kids manners or those who have none!
  6. So you walk into the Loo at work to do your very serious business and you happen to walk in at the same time as a colleague, from the other team. You say your hello’s and then go into your respective booths. Then the person starts talking to you from the other side. Really? How awkward. Can’t it wait until we finished our business? I’m not sure if people are even allowed to open their mouths in that place, who knows what kind of air you will swallow. Yuk. Plus toilet business is private business. Please go in, do your stuff, shut up and leave me in peace to do mine. We will see each other in the work space. Ours is a working relationship, not a private one. And can we all admit that talking while “doing it” totally disturbs the process and makes it less pleasurable. Vele! So annoying!
  7. This one day you decide to be a health nut and bring veggies to work. At lunch time you go warm up your food and when you get into the kitchen you are greeted by the smell of the richest mutton curry ever! This person is happily warming up their delicious curry that you can almost taste just by smelling it. Your turn comes and you put your boiled vegetables into the microwave and when you open it, guess what, that rich curry smell comes out still. How annoying! How are you supposed to look forward to eating your vegetables after being  while being reminded how good meat can be. People should warn us man!
  8. I don’t like carrying cash, for obvious reasons, I think electronic transactions are the future and I use that as often as I can. But there’s that one time when you have to withdraw a substantial amount of cash because you only have the option of making cash payment. You get to the ATM and you see a little picture of bank notes with little red stars at the top. This means that the machine does not have those notes and unfortunately for you only R20 notes are available and you need to withdraw R 500, yho! Such annoying trauma. Now your wallet thinks you’re rich and you have to do an awful lot of counting when you make your payment. ZERO!
  9. Writing in the “book of truth” annoys so many things out of me I could scream. I know it’s a security “measure”. Security guards make sure you fill out all the details accurately and you sign at the right place. Some even request ID and if you don’t have, you won’t be allowed entrance. I understand the crime dynamic in this country, but I just wish someone can invent a better method of implementing this security measure. How are they guaranteed that everyone writes the correct details?
  10. My biggest annoyance ever is self imposed really. You know those times you wake up in the middle of the night and you check your phone quickly to see how many more hours of sleep you have before you wake up. You do this half asleep and looking forward to going back and enjoy your sleep with the added hours. You check the time, only to realize that it is actually 7mins before your alarm clock goes off. Sooooo anonoying!

I trust you enjoyed and related to some of the annoyances. I am not being a snob or anything, but we all have different levels of tolerance for different things and what annoys me, might not necessarily annoy you.  Please feel free to share some of the things that annoy you as well, we won’t judge again, if something annoys you, avoid it. If you can’t, laugh it off and forget about it.


Don’t take life too seriously; no one gets out alive anyway”


Pay up…!

I’m sure all of us are aware of the nationwide protest held by Cosatu on Wednesday regarding the scraping of e-tolls on public roads and labor brokers. Some people were part of it and even those that weren’t, will be largely affected by it. I personally, would have taken delight to be part of those demonstrations as I am affected by one of the issues raised. I strongly believe that the e-tolling system on Gauteng’s road is not fair and should be reconsidered. 

Either it wasn’t properly administered/ communicated to the public or Gov officials didn’t have a normal working citizen in mind.  The government took out a huge loan to improve our freeway systems through SANRAL, and they have built granties on the roads so road users can pay for each kilometer they drive in order to help repay the loan. From how I perceive it their main targets are the middle class “who can afford it”, they own cars and therefore able. The rich people might not really feel the pinch and an extra 600 expense from their pocket is not life changing. Let’s look at how much you would expect to pay on a monthly basis, given then currently proposed cost per kilometer;

The above numbers are only based on you going to work and coming back. This excludes weekends, business meetings other commitments one has to honor outside of the 20 days. Also those from outside the province will now be charged for visiting Gauteng. Look at your finances right now and confirm if you can absorb that additional cost, which could be going towards your savings or helping you reduce your current debt. I say, this tolling system should be strongly reconsidered, and herewith are my arguments.

  • First of all roads are public goods which should be provided by the Government from the fiscal budget either way. In a country roads are a necessity, not a luxury; we pay taxes for provision of public goods. Over and above that we pay taxes through the petrol price, license discs and purchase of the vehicle itself. Also what does the money collected through traffic fines do besides paying salaries and contribute to the road accident fund? Sure if all these finances are channeled properly they can contribute towards reducing SANRAL’s debt.
  • Secondly, introducing these tolls will cause so much inflation in the country that what you earn today will mean far less in a year’s time. Paying per kilometer will increase the cost of transportation of all goods, food included. Corporate will not absorb this cost, but will have to pass it down to the consumer. So a loaf of bread that would necessarily cost R1.50, will maybe cost now cost R1.55 to accommodate the extra transportation costs. It might be a small increase for the bread, but imagine how many thousands of other goods that will have these marginal price increases. These will surely have a big impact, which means your money will not go as further as it used to. Ultimately those affected will be the poor, who perhaps don’t even use freeways that much and when they do, it’s mainly through public transport.
  • Speaking on public transport, I do acknowledge that government has now exempted registered public transport vehicles from the tolls. However, the fact is that public transport remains woefully inadequate both in quality and in the numbers of people that it serves. A lot of people use private cars to get to and from work. This is not a free choice. It is because our public transport system is expensive, unsafe, and unreliable. The promise of massive investment in our overcrowded, run-down commuter rail services is good news, but this will take years to come on stream. So where are the new bus services? Apart from the BRTs in Joburg and Cape Town, not a single new subsidised bus route has been put in place for over ten years! And where is the enforcement of safe conditions in the taxi industry? The use of our motorways by private cars is therefore not a luxury for most users. If the users are forced off the motorways because of cost, they will not transfer to non-existent reliable public transport. They will take their cars onto the side roads, and create levels of congestion that our municipalities will not be able to cope with. Traffic management will become a nightmare, and it is highly likely that our already shocking road fatality statistics will rise.
  • Fourthly, what about those small transportation businesses? When you starting a business that is based on road travel, you are very disadvantaged in that other entities that make money from using the road (ie, taxis and buses) will be exempt from paying the tolls and you have to? Actually the taxi industry is the main violators on road rules, it makes so much money it can even afford planes, and yet we normal civilians have to pay for the very same road that they make money from? Hai, I fail to see the logic there. When I conclude, I will give you why I think taxi’s and public transport as a whole was exempted from paying.
  • Lastly, this whole e-toll program will be an admin nightmare. What’s going to happen to people who only frequently visit the province? How will those locals who don’t pay up are be disciplined? This will require much more resources to administrate. From where I stand, the National Post Office will be the most to benefit out of the system with all the notices they will be issuing.

Ok let’s say the e-tolling does proceed and all goes according to the Governments plan. Road users pay up on time on all kilometers travelled and revenue is generated WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THE LOAN HAS BEEN REPAYED? Are they gonna scrap the tolls and break down those granties or they going to find another need for the money? This tolling process needed to be put forward for public scrutiny and all the parties involved engage on it. How would you feel if I took out a loan that you would have to pay back, without even asking you if you’re okay with it or even afford it at least?

So if you’re also against this system or anything else for that matter, SAY something. Raise your hand up and say “I’m not happy” don’t just sit there and hope someone will raise the objection on your behalf. That’s what it means to stand for something. You may not be able to attend a march, but if there’s a petition going around addressing your cause of concern, participate in it. Be counted! Have a voice! That will help build and define your character, don’t be a spectator when this happen.

The only reason why Taxi’s were exempted from paying was because they opposed the suggestion immediately when it was made. They voiced their concerns and were unwilling to accept the charges. They made it very clear they were not happy and Government listed. In Zulu we say:

“Ingane engakhali ifele embelekweni”



Public transport argument extracted from Cosatu’s memorundum published on on Wednesday 07 March 2012

Sit Down!

  Don’t you get irritated by people who just do or say  things without think about them all because they are trying to create an impression that they are smart. Or even some who get into things they know very well they cannot maintain aka ukuFosta. Well I see a lot of those people and today I wanna tell them to SIT DOWN and behave rationally. As our Police Commissioner would put it; “You must just  Go Home and Shurrup!”

 So I’ve heard a couple of people complaining (especially ladies) that passengers in taxis always stare at them when they’re parked next to a taxi at the traffic lights. Well I used to sorta feel that way, until I decided to put myself in their shoes (which I was once in, for a very long time). Imagine you are sitting in a taxi, you don’t know the person next to you (so u can’t look at them the whole time), the driver’s head is the only thing you see when you look in front. So where do you look? Yep you’ve guessed it. You look out the window and it so happens there’s a car next to you and there’s a person inside it. You cant be expected to suddenly close your eyes all because the person in there might take offence.

To all the ladies who complain about being stared at here’s something for you:  Well sister next time you need to buy a car with curtains, ok?  pull them down when you get to an intersection! You are not the sun, so you aren’t too bright to look at. And maybe the person staring at you is actually being inspired. So Sit Down!

 Still on the driving topic; I have a serious problem with people who hog the fast line. This is usually done by those who drive big cars. The speed limit on most freeways is 120km/h, right. So this old man in his Q7 is cruising on the fast line at 115km/h and there’s a queue of cars following closely behind him. Some choose to overtake him and some flash their lights at him to make way of which he takes no heed. I guess there’s nothing wrong in what he is doing coz he driving at the maximum speed after all. And they definitely cannot jump over his car, so they better find another way to get past him.

Well, I have news for you grandpa: If people want to speed beyond the limit;  let them. They will suffer the consequences, not you. You are not a traffic officer, so you and your big car must just MOVE!!!

I don’t wear nail polish on my hands, ever. I sometimes have it on my toe nails in summer,  just to look neat and I make sure I replenish when necessary. But have you seen how nasty it is to see a lady with badly chipped nail polish that looks 5 weeks old? Uthole nomuntu wakhona is busy scraping it off with their teeth and it looks messy. Now they look like they were trying to design a waterfall on the poor nails. Sweety: If you know you’re not gonna maintain it, do not put it on. It’s untidy and it’s a bad reflection on your hygiene.

There are also those ladies who remind me of the song by Mzekezeke “Fosta njengo Mzekezeke”. These are the ones who wear heals and cannot walk in them. I have seen so many dreadful cases of young ladies walking around in malls. You sometimes even feel sorry for them yazi, and you can see that they are walking at a slower pace than they wish due to these platform shoes. And they walk like bayanyonyoba-Pink Panther style. Zero!

So if you’re walking with me and you want to play Pink Panther in a mall, I shall leave you behind. Either you take them off, or Go Home and practice!

Same goes with those ladies who shave off all their eyebrows and draw them back every morning. Hai, for you ladies, I have no words. Ask any guy, and they’ll explain my lack of words.

Ok, this is my last pick on the ladies. WTF is wrong with sisters driving around in their gowns or doeks in the morning? I see that a lot eKasi. Yes we understand it’s in the morning and you’re in your car, but you are driving on a public road so you actually are in public wearing your private stuff. It’s the same as you taking a taxi to wherever, would you go in with your sleepers and nytie? So why do it in your car coz people can still see you. Again, it’s a reflection on your hygiene standards. Make sure you look clean and proper when u leave the house, it doesn’t matter what car you’ll be riding ok.

Finally, this is the biggest SHURRUP im gona declare. If you haven’t read anything in this entire article, you need to hear this one properly!

People of South Africa, Soccer is not English, bathong! People are forever complaining that soccer players cannot speak English. It’s not a pre requisite to play games, right? So why should they make it a priority? Speaking English is not an achievement, but excelling in what you do is. Who of you have heard Lionel Messi speak English, Ronaldihno, Ronaldo? All the brilliant players who don’t have English as their native language are not good at it and yet we celebrate them on their soccer skills.

If they were call centre agents I would understand, but English doesn’t pay their bills, their feet do. So please haters, Shurrup. Go home, sit on the couch and watch people make money and maybe they will give you some to go buy airtime to put your English to good use :-)I really dislike people who cannot celebrate someone else’s achievement without finding fault. No one is perfect, yes, not even you. You might be close, but you aren’t there yet.

I hope this article  made for a good chuckle, and if you have more stories or a differing opinion to mine, do share. To those who might feel offended, askies shaam, even I am not perfect ok. So Go Home, Sit Down and Shurrup! LOL!

“Never take yourself too seriously, no one else does”-Unknown



First Things First



Well it was a tough decision to make on what will be my first post on this blog. I eventually decided on the easiest way out, (or in rather) which was to state what my intentions and expectations of this “blogging venture” are. We all wanna come in with a BANG don’t we? Creating that lasting first impression, but I thought keeping things simple (for now) would be far more comfortable for me (humble, aren’t I?)

 I named it “Inner heights” simply because it is just that:  My inner take on life, love, money, religion and everything else.  It’s inspired by an album from one of the legendary Reggae artists, very old but profound as well (Check Musical Heights). This is my space where I could speak my mind on issues that affect my life directly or otherwise.  This first post will be my house keeping edition if you may, you know, like when you’re about to start a conference/training session the facilitator will remind you to put your phones on silent and only go to the loo if you really, really have to “otherwise utilize the breaks highlighted in your schedule” (yeah right, dude!). Anyways back to housekeeping (frankly I don’t have a house to keep yet, since I’m the only one in the blog, kwaa), but seriously now, I’d like everyone who’ll be visiting this blog to feel free to voice out their opinion in whatever topics that are raised, I admit I’m not a know it all who speaks gospel about everything.

 As said, all that will be posted here will be Thando’s (mine) opinions and perceptions on things and I’d love to hear others’ different thoughts on them plus I always enjoy a challenging debate. I look forward to sharing my life’s experiences with anyone who cares to listen (maybe read is more appropriate in this instance).  I will research my facts as thoroughly as I could (so it’s not a blog of lies) and I’ll try to limit those grammatical/spelling errors as much as possible (you know, keeping things professional here). And oh, how I hate those (spelling errors) on e-mails, gees, especially when there’s a FREE spell checker on Outlook. On sms’s it’s okayish, but mxit lingo is still unforgivable (ok we’re getting a bit fussy now Thando). Where was I? Oh, yes keeping it professional ne. So I hope to give an interesting, informative and professional read in whatever I’ll be posting.

 I have a passion for dancehall (check “get to know me”)  so I’ll throw in a review or two on this genre. I’m also keen on getting reviews for up and coming underground Deep House Producers (watch this space). Ok I’m making too many promises on this artist review thing (mimicking ANC’s  next election campaign). Speaking of which, I’ll touch on politics and current affairs that really interest me (like Jimmy Manyis funky ideas), ok maybe that’s old news now, but I’m sure you catch my drift. I said I’ll “touch” on those things (keyword being “touch”), if you need more of that I’ll recommend the Mail and Guardian site, I particularly love their layout and opinion pieces, I promise to post a few on here (which won’t be in my own words obviously). I also anticipate on reviewing a few of the influential friends (if they don’t charge me for it) that have contributed positively in my life thus far. First being Fabby (who encouraged me to start my own blog) you can check hers out on . Oh, since I’m a girly-girl, I will include a page of my favorite beauty products that I swear by for my hair, face, etc. Hope they’ll help.

 The bulk of my postings will be learning’s and views that have helped me grow in life and understand myself more. I hope even if only person reads the blog, their lives will be edified and they could learn something from it. Above all else, my posts will try and encompass God’s role in the bigger scheme of things, helping myself and others understand his intention and purpose in our lives. This blog will also serve as reminder of how great God has been in my life and how much of a blessing he wants me to be on this earth that he created for us to live in. Maybe I should have called this blog “Life101”, kidding, I’m far from teaching other’s how to live, there’s only one master who knows how, and we’ll know more about him as kuhamba is’khathi (yes I’ll throw in some vernacular now and then).

 Looking forward to this isn’t I? Well if I don’t keep to all the promises I made above, please don’t hate or judge me. You can always create your own blog and write about all these things, it’s FREE (I admit I prefer things free, especially in Gauteng). Lord permitting I will dedicate time each week to update and inform as much as I could. Oh, and I hope to find some cool graphics to put up, just to keep things interesting up in here (praying for such)!!!!

 Phew, first post done! Actually, I enjoyed it. Do you have any other issues or ideas that you want me touch on (remember “touch”)? Halla emva!