Musical Heights

Inspiration for the name

Inna Heights by Buju Banton

This is the fifth Album that was recorded by this DanceHall artist (1997). It (the album)was nominated for a Grammy award for the best reggae album for that year. I absolutely love all the tracks there, my special favourites being Destiny and Hills & Valleys. These actually inspired me to name my blog after the album, and I’ve selected a few lyrics from both of them to give some perspective as to why I hold them in such high regard:

Lyrics from Hills & Valleys:

“Why try to make I unhappy, really I don’t know. If it was up to them my friend, we would never see the sun nor the snow. Through mystical communication within, we keep on coming together. I love to see brothers and sisters looking out for one onother. That’s the way it should be, not contrary, stop tearing down each other.

Hard drugs won’t do, you’re just behaving like you want  to. Arrogance is much different from ignorance, and I know you feel the same way too. Many live this life without having a clue, no reason why they are so sad and blue. Places to go so much things to do, not a moment to reflect on the cycle of life”

Lyrics from Destiny

My destnation is homeward bound, through force they try to hold I down. Breaking chains has become a norm, I know I must get through no matter what a gwaan.

I’ve been blessed, I’ve been touched, I love Jah so much. They keep fighting me, I’m not giving up. May the realms of Zion fill my spiritual cup, wisdom overstanding can never be too much. Give I protection Day and Night.

I and I wanna rule my Destiny, oh Lord help I please…..”