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Unemployment Free Youth Day

Unemployment has become a very sobering reality in many young people’s lives in South Africa today. In Soweto we call it Loxion Management. Before you leave school you already know that this profession is one of the options waiting for you out there. Unfortunately “employment” is the only option we think there is out there. As young people, the thought of starting something by ourselves is challenging or dreadful even. I mean where would I find someone to invest in my business idea??

Well, funding is the least of our problems if we submit to our limited thinking that being employed is the only way to success. Entrepreneurship needs to be attractive to young people because honestly it is the way to ultimate success and true freedom. Even in our new South Africa, opportunities are laid out in front of young people and yet they fail to grab them all because of false paradigms. The biggest barrier that is preventing young people from pursuing entrepreneurship is this paradigm that has been instilled in their mindsets; that you need to be employed in order to be successful. Trust me, not all employed people are successful people.

In many instances you will find young people venturing into business purely because they could not find work. They start their business as an option of last resort and in most cases they flourish with success. Their unemployment becomes a blessing in disguise.

For a long time our society (especially black South Africans), has revolved around: Go to school- come of age- find employment. Even the pursuit for education is driven by the ideology of getting better job opportunities. Even I can attest that for some people it didn’t matter what degree they obtained, as long as it guaranteed that they will find a good job, it was on. So growing up knowing you needed to find work in order to survive doesn’t make entrepreneurship attractive or even viable. I mean who wants to run a spaza-shop/tavern/taxi business instead of going to the city and find a job. However what we fail to realize is that, whoever we will be working for is actually running their business and they are growing their business through our hardwork. The failure to realize that we are all born with the same amount of potential (and mental capabilities) renders young people with the false ideology that they can never be the employer, but the employed.EduAfr


My solution to this false paradigm is rather “out of the box” but I believe it will make a difference. We need to teach young people about African history. Knowing where you come from has a strong bearing on where you are going. Knowing where we come from as a nation will make young people understand how things have become what they are today, why is Africa the least developed continent, what our leaders believed in. Asking these type of questions will make African youth realize that they are equally capable of achieving anything, this will unlock the mental chains that have bound African minds for the longest time. Knowing what happened to Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa etc for it to be the country it is today will help shaping future leaders in reclaiming the wealth through their own hard work and doing it for themselves. We can no longer wait for someone else to give us bread, we must bake our own.


As we celebrate Youth day, the people that are at the greatest risk right now are our youth.  But ultimately, everyone’s freedom from poverty/unemployment is in their own hands, look around, see what you can start. Don’t wait for things to happen, there is no politician that will deliver a job at your door, not in a million years. The longer you sit and wait for a miracle there are other vultures (drugs, alcohol, Aids) roaming around looking to devour your youth, so you better keep busy. Just think, I’m sure you will come up with something and start your own enterprise, you are smart enough!

NgesiZulu kuthiwa: Vuk’uzenzele!

“The worst evil of all committed by colonization has been the wishful intent to discourage individual initiative to venture, discover, make attempts and to fabricate. The outcome is the current dependency status”-Unknown

I love my family. But…

We all love our families and for those of us with siblings, we wish them every success in life as much as we do for ourselves. The reality though is that, not all of us will be blessed financially, intellectually and with equal wisdom within our families. So, you will work very hard to either finish school/varsity, or find employment or volunteer (with the hope to get employed) so you can make something of your life. Eventually you do find success and secure stable, decent income to start living your dreams.

Obviously once you’ve “made it” you will first go home and help out to make life better for the rest of the family. But what happens when everyone starts demanding that you HAVE to help out, and now all of a sudden people stop trying because they know you will help. They would not be making such demands explicitly, but you somehow feel the expectation and the burden growing. Remember, you have only just started working and perhaps you still want to study further, buy your own house, a car, get married or even just go on holiday. But then how do you prioritize those needs over the “expectations” at home. Yes you are willing to help as much as you can, but when will you then start helping you?

Here’s an extract written by a friend, who took an analysis on the importance of having limits to the sacrifices we make to our families. Here are her thoughts….

“Family seems to always be our first priority, we are constantly compromising ourselves to protect and support them. So when family emergencies come up, we make hasty decisions that we regret later.

I guess its so sad that instead of sleeping, I’m awake at this hour. And I need to be up in the next three hours for a hectic day at the office. Do I start a pity party and blame everyone and everything around me or do I just go back to bed and stop overreacting?

The selfishness I have to deal with on the regular just drains me. I hate the internal family battles, and unnecessary issues that arise. The constant pressure on me to be better than what I am to survive also takes away a lot of my peace. They all seem like petty things but they have such a major effect mentally.

Don’t get me wrong I have been blessed and yes every family has its own issues but if you come home and then all of a sudden lose your own peace of mind, it’s unhealthy. All because you felt at that time your family needed you most, it’s ok for peace to be lost. If this is the price you have to pay. I’m confused.

I need peace of mind. I want to be able to go home and relax. It is HOME after all. I want to feel like I have made the right decision to be here instead of on my own.


We need to learn that:

  1. Your family needs you but their don’t own you
  2. Your don’t necessarily have to put your life on hold for anyone
  3. Support can be given from a distance
  4. Stop the pity parties and deal with the situation at hand
  5. Avoid making unrealistic commitments which might mean suffocating yourself
  6. When you help make sure you are not compromoside
  7. Share your ill feelings, discomfort with someone. It will make you feel better
  8. If you not happy change your situation
  9. Learn to say NO
  10. Learn to love and value your freedom and space.

Your family loves you irrespective, so its mind over matter”

By Zandra Habana

 Such powerful and yet true insights, hey. If only our families can realize if they give you space for a few years, you’d be able to grow yourself/ career enough to be able to over cater for any need. Just one thing I need to add to the advice Zandra gave:

  1. Remind yourself that you are a child, not a parent in the household!

Sometimes the responsibility bestowed upon you is overwhelming that you are left with sole responsibility to provide for the family. You should rightfully assume that responsibility when you have your own family. You cannot buy your family’s affection, they love you anyways.

I understand that some of us come from very different situations, where you might just be rejected or called selfish for giving less than what is expected. Those are painful, real situations we live in, unfortunately. But continue doing good regardless, because you are fortunate to have a family in the first place. Someone out there can only wish to have a sibling to fight with. Always, remember…

LOVE yourself, trust God and lean not in your own understanding.


PS: Zandra is the founder and President of Mokgotsi Women. Mokgotsi is empowerment initiative to help grow young professional women, financially, socially and spiritually. Go to

Magnified Thanks!!!

Innerheights is turning 1 on the 28th of March, how wonderful 🙂

It has been such a pleasant and enlightening journey for me and I hope this blog has brought you the same feeling as well. It just it would be interesting to share the progress made since I started in terms of readership (and lives changed). Since 28 March 2011, Innerheights has:

  • Published 50 posts
  • 5,474 All time views (all the visits on the site)
  • 156 views on the busiest day
  • 752 views on the busiest month (April 2011)
  • Most Popular Post: There is always more to a woman
  • Views from 21 different countries (SA leading, followed by United States)

The blog will be featured at Standard Bank (CIB)’s Manager’s conference as one of the Amazing Talent Stories in the bank (Video).  It is being recognized as an inspirational tool and a voice of conscious for the youth. There are countless other doors that the blog has opened for my personal growth.

I wish I can take credit for the achievement, but I simply cannot. All glory goes to God. I thank Him for giving me the talent and the vision. For creating the opportunity and providing resources.  For transforming lives through this work. I am just a vessel. I was told what to do, and I did it. There has never been a single week where I struggled to produce a meaningful article. All the ideas and words came at the right time and touched the right people. All Glory be given to the Lord on High!

When we glorify God, we are actually magnifying Him. Magnifying means making something bigger, but God is already big, He is far bigger than we could ever imagine Him to be. So by Glorifying Him, you cannot make Him bigger than He already is. You can only make Him bigger in your own heart. Each time He does something great, you learn to understand how powerful and mighty He is. Your heart doesn’t forget that, so that when troubles come, it reminds you How big God was in your previous situation. Glorifying God translates into increased faith. So if you are going through a hard time and that situation totally breaks you and leaves you hopeless, then it means that problem is actually bigger than the God inside of you. If you are broke and so, so distraught it means money is bigger than the God inside of you. You just don’t see how the existence of God in your life can allow you to be joyful because you do not have money.

When you rejoice through trials it means God inside of you is far bigger than those problems. His presence overshadows everything. We need to be in a place where we say, “Even if all else is lost, as long as God is here, all is well”. Innerheights has definitely grown the God inside of me. God has shown me that he can do far beyond my wildest imagination and with Him around I can face anything. Thank you for being part of the plan by reading Innerheights. I trust that this blog has definitely help grow the God inside of you bigger. Let us give him Glory for all we are and have.

To celebrate our 1 year birthday, I have reblogged the most popular post “More to a Woman” (Please see below). I have also renovated our space and introduced a Job Corner page. We all get the forward emails for job, posts, etc and there is always someone out there looking for employment. So can we please share and make God bigger in someone else’s hearts.  There is also the Ad’s by Me! page If you have a small business you would like to advertise I will put it up for free so people can see your hussle and support you. E-mail me if you are keen on the 2 above pages:

Let us share in the spirit of Ubunt and bring God more Glory. I am, because you are. Dankie Ngiyabonga 🙂

“Therefore be faithful with the little things and He will entrust you with Bigger things”