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old sIt is really fascinating how in life so much emphasis is placed on things. What car one drives, the house you live in, the clothes you wear, even what kind of food we eat and yet so little focus is placed on people!

A herd of lions will not walk past a lost cub, they would take it in and look after it because even though they don’t know the cub’s parents it is still one of their own. It therefore fascinates me how we walk past abandoned kids on the streets and not even give the smallest care.  As Innerheights, we believe it’s time to start caring for these children because we don’t know their stories hence it is not our place to judge, but to love.

AyashisaMateki is the first of many projects aimed at making “street life” better for these kids, with the ultimate goal being to get them off the streets as much as is possible.  Young girls and boys are getting lost (and used) on the daily, something needs to be done. But first, we start with the basics: SHOES!


A lot of children that live on the street have probably owned one pair of shoes their whole life. Some don’t even have shoes at all and those that do; the pairs are WORN OUT and DIRTY and some DON’T even FIT anymore!

Please join us in a quest to collect 100 pairs of shoes (and socks) to alleviate this problem. Winter is upon us and such a gesture will go a very long way. This is initiative is in partnership with Standard bank CIB graduates so all collection points will be based around Simmonds street.

Here are 3 simple steps on how you can help:

  • Donate 100 towards the purchase of shoes
  • Donate a pair of old sneakers (in decent condition)
  • Drop off donations at collection points

We have met with the children and managed to obtain most of their shoe sizes. We anticipate distributing the shoes on the 29th and 30th June. Our key areas of focus are kids (between the age of 8 and 18) that live in:

  • Braaamfontein (by the Mandela Bridge, Pick n Pay)
  • Joubert Park
  • Small Street near Shoprite
  • Yoevile and
  • Hilbrow

If you would like to participate in the project in any way or would like to assist on the day of distribution, please send me an e-mail:

Keep watch for our weekly barometer that will track progress on how many shoes we’ve collected so far!

Thanks a million :):):)

Innerheights Foundation

So I came to Joburg…

It is called the City of Gold, but where you find gold, there is always rubble nearby. Here are 2 ladies who both came to joburg for different reasons, yet they are somewhat faced with the same reality.

Let me tell you their stories. Both are fictional, but have volumes to speak about what the real world offers women out there.

Story 1:

At age 6, both her parents were deceased, left to be raised by 2 older sisters, age 18 and 26 but useless. She struggled growing up (raising herself) and ultimately when she was 17 she decided to go to Jozi for a better chance at life. Here she met Sis Girly the pimp, who gave her a place to stay, taught her how to be a woman and how you need to sell your “thing” to get all you need. For a while life was comfortable being caught up with the money and the bling. At age 20 she was still pretty but her value had diminished that even for 40 bucks any man could get a ride.

At age 25 she eventually died of Aids, leaving 2 fatherless less kids, aged 2 and 6. About six weeks later there were heavy-cold rains and the kids couldn’t survive the cold in the pipe they were sleeping in (with no blankets). That night the 2 year old died, and a week later municipal workers discovered the body. Now here’s this 6 year old wandering the streets of Jozi with no clue how she will make ends meet. She learnt that sniffing glue keeps you warm and makes you forget the hunger, so that becomes her daily hustle because in this place, no one gives a care. Written by Mbongeni Khanyile

I’m sure you’ve come across a news headline that talks about a baby (dead or alive) being found abandoned in a bin somewhere. Now you know where they come from!

Story 2:

A teenager (Thandeka) comes to Jozi for the first time to study Law at wits and she is welcomed by an old friend from back home (KZN). This friend highlights to her that here in the city the “razor cut” weave makes you look rural and they don’t wear jeans and sneakers to the clubs, but freakums. Thandeka is quickly introduced to her home-girl’s boyfriend who drives the fanciest car she has ever seen. At the club they are treated like royalty and she receives R5000 as an apology coz her friend’s boyfriend touched her ass by mistake;  Which she reluctantly accepts.

This story goes into detail on the day to day decisions Thandeka has to make, and unfortunately her sense of morals is weak and she gets herself into all sorts of drama. After her home-girl dies (car-accident), she assumes the role of being the new girlfriend to Mr 5000. This is a well off girl, mind you. She lives in a fully furnished flat that is owned by her uncle and she shares it with some girl. So she really doesn’t need Mr 5000’s money, but for some reason it constantly lands up on her hands.  She later finds out that her new roomate is actually her uncle’s sugar baby… Written by Mike Maphotho (for the full story go to:

There’s an urban dynamic that occurs in cities, that unfortunately consumes young women in a tragic way. But also there is an element of choice. Without judging; Thandeka is rather well off, and the lady in the 1st story is not entirely a victim because not all orphaned kids have to end up in prostitution. All it takes is for these women to have a sense of pride in themselves are and know their value. Ladies: it is important to know who you are and being content with what you have. Yes, Joburg offers incredible opportunities, but if things don’t work out well, it will not kill you to go back home. Unless you want get there dead already. And here, there are so many ways to die.

“In life (and love) there are no guarantees. That is why it is important to love yourself first”


Unfortunately in big cities such stories have become a norm and street kids are just part of the ecosystem. We have somehow chosen to look the other way because these “things” are just pests! But unfortunately, street kids are just that, kids! Behind those naughty faces are children who have no one ask them how there are, let alone provide for their daily needs.

These children are very close to my heart because I believe it’s not fair for any child to miss out on their childhood. I am personally planning a few projects to make a difference in their lives. If you would like to be informed/be a part of this work, you can send me an e-mail at and we can get cracking. It is getting colder outside, so our efforts must be swift.


“For evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to sit and do nothing”

Do not Bite the Hand that Feeds you

A few days ago I met guy wearing a wet suit outside my workplace. It was still drizzling and I was just dragging myself home coz I was tired from gym. Out of all the people that were there, this guy just chose to approach me and he greeted with such a smile.

He wasn’t charming me or asking for money, he said “Can you please help me find a job”. You see this guy had a Bsc Honors Degree in IT and has been unable to find work for the past 7 years. He’s from the Free State and he recently came here to Joziburg to find employment. At that time I was talking to him he was completely wet from the rain because he was coming from Sandton on foot. He had a job interview there, he managed to hussle for money to get there  but none for coming back. And he still had to find a way to get to Thokoza in the East Rand.

He said “Ousi waka Gauteng hothata awusina motho ometsebang mona” (Sister, Joburg can be cruel when you don’t know anyone here). He was lucky to find a woman who gave him shelter but they were struggling even for food, it was his second day now going on an empty stomach. We are talking while we’re walking to the parking lot and that conversation was less than 15mins long, I mean the guy was a stranger after all. But I got to know so much about him in such a short time, to me that showed he was genuine.

He gave me his email address that I may forward him IT related posts if I come across any. But I also helped him out with taxi money and a bit more, enough for them to buy a little of food in the house. I believe the Lord fulfilled a promise to provide for him through him approaching me instead off all the people that were there. Funny enough, I had been trusting God for a financial breakthrough that very same day. And the Lord provided for me! I was so joyful when He did, and as I thanked him for the finances, I promised Him that I will use it wisely because I knew that it came from Him. Yes He gave it to me, I asked and trusted and He provided

If this guy had approached me any other day, I was probably going to offer him empathy and not practical relief. But since I was given, I had no reason to deny another person in need. He gave, so I could give. We indeed serve a mighty God whose ways are much higher than ours. We should always give him our best.

Malachi 1 vs 7 “You offer defiled food on My Altar…” we often never realize that when we give to the Lord it’s rarely our best. You know, when you go to church and the offering basket passes by and you check in your wallet for money “you can sort of do without”. Ja, just throw in a few notes, that shouldn’t get you off budget for the month. Isn’t this the same as offering defiled food? Giving Him, that which we do not need. What makes us believe that we are merely helping God with the spare money in our wallets? God is in heaven he doesn’t need money to get by.

Ok, if He doesn’t need money though, then why does he say we should offer our tithes to him?… Well there answer to this I only realized when I freely gave to that guy on the street. I gave him much more than he expected or even needed, but I was cheerful in giving to him because I consciously knew that the money was not mine, but a gift from God. If the Lord didn’t bring a financial break through that day, I would have thought twice about helping the poor dude because I wouldn’t have had enough for myself to get by. So seeing I was blessed financially what was then stopping from blessing someone else. You see, probably he had been praying for a financial miracle himself and God answered that prayer through me. Well, a thought did cross my mind that what if the guy was making the story up. Even if that was the case, the most I’ll lose is money and in any case it wasn’t mine to begin with. The Lord gave it to me and I’m blessing one of his sons with it. There’s a saying that goes: “When you give to the poor, you are lending to God”

Whatever wealth/assets we have, it is not a measure of our talent of cleverness. It is in fact a measure of God’s grace over our lives. I mean this guy is more qualified than I am, and here we are, me blessing him. It could have easily been the other way round, but because of grace it isn’t and I need to thank God for that. All good things come from Him and so does provision. We need to understand and honor the fact that all we have is a gift from Him, we don’t owe our income, (no matter how big or small) to ourselves, but to His grace. Shouldn’t we then give it back to Him, as He commands us? It was so easy for me to give that guy sufficiently because I knew and acknowledge that it was from God. But then where do I think my monthly salary comes from? It surely doesn’t come from my talent if there are more qualified people begging on the side of the road. This realization brought me to a very humble place and taught me that I should be showing God gratitude for every penny he gives me.

“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,

That there may be food in my house

And try Me now on this

Says the Lord of hosts

If I will not open for you the windows of heaven

And pour out for you such blessing

That there will be no room to receive it (Malachi 3vs 10)

Yes we know that His grace is sufficient, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work towards your righteousness. God loves you unconditionally, but He notices your efforts and your faith. These activate his grace. Carelessness doesn’t lead to abundance. When you joyfully and gratefully offer your tithes, you’re showing God that you understand that He’s provided. He’s given you stewardship over the money with which he entrusted you and for you to give Him glory-not for the things He’s given you. He’s the one your heart’s in love with, not the wealth. That’s all He wants and when He’s certain you are clear about that, He’ll entrust you with more and more of His blessings. Secure in the knowledge that they won’t take His place in your heart and life.

When you chose obedience as part of your lifestyle, it offers you peace, protection and promise. Having so much money that you don’t know what to do with it is a welcome problem! So go ahead-test Him. He said so. Just remember that: God is your first love and He’s crazy about you. When you ask for a fish, He won’t give you a snake. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Give joyfully. Ask knowing you have already received. You’ll be blessed for it. Things work in God’s time, not yours, so do what you need to do- and get out of His way so He can do His thing!

“Where your treasure is, so is your heart also”