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When men sing…

I once did a blog, on vocal house and how women are expressing themselves through music. I like music in that it gives you a way to shout out to the world y what you want to say, in a beautiful way.

House music is another lover of my soul, and Deep Vocal house just speaks to the life in me. I know I’m sounding like I’m speaking in parables, but I just cannot to define how I love it. Anyway,  enough about me. You see, when men sing they have truckloads to say, again in a very beautiful way. I mean there’s tracks like “What do I gotta do”- Roland Clark Urban. Soul (Erik kuffer mix), that take you to a palce you have never been before and yet you like being there. There’s something about a man’s voice on a house beat.

Thus, my dear friends, I would like to honour some of the greatest house vocalists of our time, and some of the awesome music they’ve delivered for us. This is not a valentine’s day post, I’m honouring men for different reasons this time. God willing, I will put together a podcast of all the tracks mentioned in this post. In no particular order:


Nathan X

I actually don’t know much about this vocalist, but his collaboration with Cuebar definitely got my attention. “Walk a mile” is one of those tracks you can listen to the entire day over and over again and everything remains alright. I remember the first time I heard it was on a short clip from a friend of mine. I tell you, He searched far and wide to get the full track because it was so hard to get it out of mind. Oh, he also hooked me up soon after he found it, way’dlala Chucky J


Next guy on my list is Donald, came out of nowhere with “I Deserve” and then “Denial” hay after lapho I became a fan. He’s a Proudly South African artist who is taking vocal house to other levels, with meaningful lyrical content at that. I’m expecting lot more from him in future *watching this space*

Liquid deep

Another South African duo, who have brightened the scene in vocal house music. Bringing us tracks like “Fairy tale”, “Settle for less”, but my all time favourite track from them is “Still”. They have been bringing us beautiful melodies and we surely wouldn’t mind more J

Nasty Nev

“I’m so hung up on you, every day you’re always on my mind” is the ultimate chemistry song! You know being attracted to someone so much that they’re just all you think about, and in every thought you envision on how they would look next you. I’ve always loved Nast Nav’s somewhat rich, strong voice. He also did awesome tracks like “Hooked on you”….hai this man seems to be falling in love a lot. I really love it when men express emotion through song though!

Christopher mCcray

I’ve actually never heard any of his tracks in the past, so I’ve never really got to appreciate his vocal ability. But when I heard “Heaven”, my soul was sold. If you don’t have any of the above tracks, please try and get this one.  Kerri Chandler produced this song, and it’s one of the “from the heart vocals”. With that one contribution he has made it to my list as one of the greats.

George Levin

The biggest track to come from this Berlin born song writer is “I got- ft Clara Hill”. This song makes my friend Fentse go crazy. Imagine a guy/girl you’re in a relationship with sings these words to you:

“I got, somebody new. Now I got a different view on what we had. Nothing will ever make me reminisce. Cannot think of one thing that I will miss, nothing will ever make me reminisce,  so then the love turned out to be like this”

Hai then you know you just gotta let them go, nje. Finish and klaar

Robert Owens

“Fly Free”, what more can I say? Track 07 in the Ralf Gum #never leaves you album of 2012. You haven’t lived if you haven’t danced to this compilation

Viktor Dupleix

More of an soul musician. His contribution to deep house through his Jazanova collabo with a track called “That Night” is timeless. That song has been somewhat a foundation to a lot of vocal house jams. An absolute classic! Viktor’s voice is one of the most romantic voices around, so he had to make my list! Oh, he also has songs like “Let’s make a baby” J

Totured Soul

These guys’ music is the epitome of awesomeness. I haven’t been touched by house more than I have by Totrured soul music. With tracks like: “Home to you”, ” Enjoy it now”, “I might do something wrong”. My absolute favourite track and it also embodies the list of my all time favourite house tunes is” Don’t hold me down” . It’s a dialogue between couple addressing trust issues when they’re not together. Basically it says “if you believe I love you, you should learn to trust me- don’t hold me down. You say I’m yours , so let me be free”. To listen to these tracks please visit:


His 2010 track with Ralf Gum “Complicated” is one the future classics of our day. I don’t know how many versions of the track exist out there. Almost every single one I’ve heard I’ve managed to enjoy. Kafele, has this calm, sanitised voice that would pick you out of a storm of emotions to a tranquil place. He brought us tracks, like “Believing”, love it! And my out most favourite from him is in Ralf Gum’s album, #Never leaves you” The song is called “Burning Star”, I’ve listened to this track for a whole 2 weeks non-stop, just me and my Burning star.

Larry Heard

Notoriously known as Mr Fingers or the Price of House music . Was surprised to find out he’s a black dude. He managed to put together my ultimate favourite gospel house track. “Praise”- Larry Heard (Glen underground’s thank you remix) has officially been listed as my all time favourite songs after Summer Daze. Larry has been known for his passionate lyrics and has mastered the art of creating nostalgic chemistry. It goes something like:

“I remember the days when I thought I was alone. And was always amazed in those times I felt so strong. But then you were always there and you have always cared.

No matter how far I stray you have already paved the way. Now when I look back  I can see the things you’ve done. And I want to thank you for my saviour and your Son….and I must give you Praise”

It blesses me so much just to know you’re on my side. And I see your precious touch, in the things before my eyes. You want the best for me and you have been raised for me. Before I was whole you conquered the misery. Now when I look back, I can see the things you’ve done, and I want to Thank you for my saviour and your son. And I will give you PRAISE……….”

If I haven’t mentioned an artist who you believe should be in this post, let us know. Other vocal talent I can mention includes, T-Deep, MiCasa, etc. Hope you enjoyed my vocal showdown and you will make every effort to get them tracks and be merry. At the end of it all it had to be Larry Heard that takes it for me because He is giving thanks to the Almighty.

If you think about it, everything is about Him, for Him, through Him. God created the music we hear, the people who sing those songs and He gave them the talent to do it. Give Thanks!

Understanding Women: Lessons in Life and Love by Female Vocal Artists through House music

Music has this wonderful effect of telling stories about life, love and every other thing. For every song you hear, there’s a story behind it. As we may all know I love house music, and vocal house is the best way to express emotions on a melody. Today I want to honor female vocal artists, who have made the most beautiful music in the past 2 years or so.

I actually wanted to make it as a countdown till I get to my favorite song, but I thought I should just put a twist into it. The ladies sing mostly about love and life; they share a part of life in all of them. We all know that relationships go through different seasons and women obviously have different reactions to those situations. And what better way to express your emotions  than through song. These songs share colorful experiences about themselves and most importantly how they react to romantic situations.

So if you guys have always wondered why women, act/react in a way that they do in relationships, this countdown might shed some light into it. This is not an agony aunt blog and we are still celebrating beautiful, vocal deep house tracks. I seriously honor some of these ladies for their time less talent and I forever salute house music as a therapeutic tool to any situations. Ok, let me get into it:


Heather Johnson -Love Alive

“We only tell the truth in selfishness. We don’t feel guilty when we lie. That’s why I’m daring my soul, this love for you won’t die…….My love is alive….it just won’t die…”

You see here, a lady is just being honest with herself and acknowledge that she is love with someone and the feelings are not about to die down anytime soon. This type of commitment is possibly shared to the partner and re-assured that they will always be loved. When a woman sings this song, she’s really into you hey. But then again a woman in love can say these words to every man she falls in love with, because when a woman falls, she really falls.

Monique Birngham- You, Me, World

“Now, they’re gonna try to break us down don’t let them, it’s alright. Even when we lose we win. They try as they might, it’s you and me against the world”

This is when a woman believes her man over any other rumour she has heard about him out there. These lyrics really come from a place of trust.

This is when a lady knows that she will stick by her man, no matter what. This would be in a scenario when people try to feed them lies and try to separate them, or people just don’t approve of their relationship. Or even when you’re in love with someone and they love you back, but the odds of you being together are almost impossible, yet you still have the belief that your love will fight through everything until you are together. This is quite true because, I believe with love you can conquer anything.

Monique also did that track in Fresh House Flava 1, and I also included it on the very first vocal count-down I did last year. Some resilient talent this woman has, may it move her to even higher heights!

Falling- Malehlokwa  ft (DJ Kent)

“I’ve never felt like this before…. You put your hands, when you know they belong, I roll my eyes but something says I should play right along. You turn softly; make me wonder is this something I should be waiting for. Coz so far you’ve got me falling, I wanna be your living fantasy”

This one needs no explanation. It simply says: I want you and I will treat you good. This speaks to a very exciting part in the relationship when there’s flirting and lots of chemistry, when the guy has played his cards so right, that you cannot help but melt. Well, this excitement comes after a bit of reluctance from the lady obviously, but eventually she gives in. Butterflies are the order of the day and every touch is magical. Hmmmm how wonderful it is to fall.

Awesome vocal skills by Malehlokwa, SA talent representing.

Aedola  – Take me away (Tone control)

“Take me away, far, far, far, far, far……To a place I belong, when there’s more than right or wrong. Where my conscience is free, it’s the place I wanna be…Where my soul feels at ease”

The only place I could think of is childhood. You know when we were care free, and nothing mattered except for eating and playing. Taking a bath was just one of those things we had to live with *rolling eyes*, oh, and getting hidings, shoo! I remember this place sometimes when life just gets overwhelming and I just need a break.  This is a place where I don’t have to worry about petrol or accounts and even entertaining a negative person. It’s just so far away from the reality I’m facing.

It could also mean that a relationship has grown so dry and cold that you wish it could go back to what it used to be. Unfortunately women stay in abusive relationships, hoping that someday things will change and get back to what they used to be. They live on the memories of what used to be, and this keeps them going. And don’t you sometimes wish to ask your partner, to just make the relationship like it was. In most cases we think they know how take things back like they was, and we forget to realize that we have also changed and some effort needs to come from us women as well.

Staphanie Mills- Free (The Layabouts Mix)

Oh what a beautiful track this is, Stephanie’s voice is one of a kind.

 “I’m out of here boy, I’ve had enough. All stressed out boy, you gotta go. It’s not healthy for me to live a lie, I can do better all on my own”

These are the words no man wants to hear. But if you hear a woman say this just know that she’s thoroughly fed up. You know when you have been trying so hard to make the relationship work, you have forgiven and overlooked one lie over the other just to stay together. There comes a point when she will feel that she cannot take it anymore and she leaves. Forget, she not going to come back.

There’s a part in the song that says” I wanna be happy, so just let me be. I wanna be free…..I wana be free from your love…” This woman needs freedom from the relationship and also from the feelings she has for you. Often women leave bad relationships, but they are forever thinking about the person and they are never free from the emotions felt for the ex partner. When that person comes back, they are often accepted back because the woman never sought freedom from the emotions but only from the relationship itself. Stephanie wants ultimate freedom to be happy on her own.

Busi – Get Over it!

“You think you can change me? Get over it”

Hmmmm such firm words from a woman. This is a lady who knows what she wants and know who she is. She’s not willing to change for anyone, especially not a man. It takes courage to have a story like this one and stick to it, because once we fall in love we will do anything to stay together, even if it means losing ourselves.

Every relationship does require a bit of compromise and each partner has to forgo some habits to accommodate the other person. But we tend to overdo it, when a guy wants you to behave in certain and be who you’re not only to fit into his expectations. A woman ends up losing so much of her identity and the only relies on the partner for happiness because she is what he wants her to so he better make it happy. This gets emotionally draining and the person doesn’t become as fun and pleasant as she used to be, which puts strain on the relationship which ultimately brings unhappiness to both the guy and the girl.

So ladies if he wants to turn you into Beyonce, please tell him to go to OR Tambo and take the next available flight to America!

Shea Soul -Perfectly (Layabouts Mix)

“Loving me perfectly, any fool can see there’s no one for me but you. What you do, no one else can do, boy you know it’s true there’s no one for me but you”

This is when you are loved, perfectly, as you are. No alterations, no adjustment. Your personality fits like a glove to the one you love. This is when you know that you could never as compatible with no other person as well as this one. Situations may not be in line for you guys to be together, but no matter how much you try and stay in separate relationships, that one person is still on your mind. And no matter what the new partner does, it could never compare to what the other did. I’ve read a quote that said “the most painful thing is to see the one you love, loving someone else”. How much more pain is it for both of you to love someone else when you know you were made for each other??

House music, keep talking!

Lisa Shaw -Someday (Home & Garden)

“In every way, I’m gonna be there. One of these days you’re gonna hold me. Someday. Find another way; just know I’m coming in your life to stay. Praying for the day, just know I’m coming, nothing can keep me way”

We all know that every relationship is hard work and it takes courage to fight for what you believe is yours. It sort of reminds me of Jennifer Hudson’s song “I’m staying (and you’re gonna love me)”.

This song basically says, man can be as confused as he wants to, but this woman aint letting go. She will stick around until the man realizes that they belong together. This is a situation when a woman finds herself in love with someone who’s committed elsewhere and she insists on holding on because she believes they belong together. She will be there for the guy in every single way just as long as he will end up being with her. Hmm, clingy behavior, some might say, but love can make us do the strangest of things.

Lisa Shaw also did that classic track “Let it ride” I remember it was one of my favorite songs in 2006/7.

I found my light – Layabouts

“You make every day, special in a different way…I found my light, brings the sunshine into the night and now I can’t imagine my life, without the glow of your smile”

This is when you have found the love of your life. The one person who fills all the gaps that the others left. This is when you choose to love and imperfect person, perfectly. Ladies Prince Charming doesn’t compare to this man. He is real, very loving, and somehow “gets you”. All your jokes they don’t find funny at work, he gets them. This is love at it’s purest, and you no longer picture yourself with anyone else but him.

If you are in this space with the one you love, please invite me to the wedding, asseblief. Ahhh, but love is such a beautiful thing!

Stephanie Cook- He is the joy

  “He is the joy, in the morning, in the evening…..He takes the pain and the strife every day of my life”. I like to think about God when I hear this song. There’s no greater joy, than consistent joy. When you know the person will never sulk, get into a bad mood, listen to rumours or even find someone else to replace you. Men , if you have been in a relations with a woman for a while and still thinks you are her Joy, consider yourself lucky. It means even if you haven’t said a word, your presence just brightens up her day.

This song goes down as one of my most favorites in this playlist. It’s such a happy and feel good mood lifters. It also carries some fond memories for me as well.

Akram Sedkaoui -Each and every day (Jerk House Connection)

“Humanity, has forgotten, its own dignity. Determination is what we all need Each and every day, life goes on…..brothers and sisters, we are born to be lovers. It’s not what I’m dreaming, and I’m not preaching…Love is what we need”

I love this song with the deepest of my soul. It addresses the social ills that we are faced with, where people just lack ambition and they go through life in a routine. We have become a generation of laziness and selfishness. Where people only consider themselves and not others, we do lack love, honestly. You may find that there are ample opportunities at your workplace but you won’t share them with a neighbor because you fear they might be better than you. While you are busy hating, life goes on and you move closer to your grave without making a positive change in other people’s lives.

This speaks to even those that are sitting around waiting for something to happen. Vuka uzenzele, life is passing you by!